first art submission

My local Dick Blick’s has a Call for Art to which I have submitted a piece. I’ve never answered a call for artists so I am curious how this will go. Better tried and experienced than untried and regretted!

I was inspired by a shadow box at the nature museum and picked out various photos from my visits to play with.

As I explore encaustic as a medium on a larger scale than postcards, I am learning that the layering process is slightly different too. These rubber stamps disappeared in the fusing process.

Then I fused on the butterflies. One wouldn’t lay flat so it is slightly lifting its wings off the canvas.

It isn’t quite what my inspiration looked like, but a good starting point to keep exploring from. I’ll keep you posted on whether it will be part of Blick’s wall art or not.

Meanwhile, here is a “spin-off” piece that came to me as I arranged the photos-now on Etsy.


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