Finding hearts along the way

“Love is the highest vibration on earth.”
~ Sonia Choquette, Your Heart’s Desire

I like to find hearts on my meanderings around town.

“In a way, every beat of our heart is a mini wish
that circulates and communicates the nature
of our own subtle energy and our heartfelt intentions”
~Paul Pearsall, Wishing Well

Sometimes it feels my whole life is a path filled with love.

At other times, it is peaceful to seek guidance in solitude.

“Following your bliss is not always easy, and it can be scary,
but I am convinced that if you listen to your heart,
go with your instincts,
and proceed with due diligence and hard work,
you will be led to the right place.
The challenges and bumps we all encounter
along the way make us better at what we do and who we are”
~ Nancy Soriano, Where Women Create Magazine Autumn 2010

But mostly, love overflows and needs to be shared.

“For the heart, just doing what it loves is reward enough.”
~Paul Pearsall, Wishing Well

Kelly Rae Roberts likes finding hearts too. I like this open heart print of hers.

What sets your heart aflutter?


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