Feeling Beautiful in Hermosa

The first weekend of June was a whirlwind. I had just finished setting up the Evanston Made Pop Up Shop merchandise and attended the Group show opening when its as time to pack up my car and head to Hermosa. I had never heard of this Chicago subdivision, but loved the Field House we were invited to set up our booths in.

The auditorium had lovely character, and was quite well-maintained. Soon the room was transformed from naked tables into a a lovely array of creative booths.

We were greeted by a super-cute unicorn.

The light was lovely and shone nicely on my Angel Tree.

Everyone got a Hermosa button.

We’re all beautiful. The Hermosa community has interesting factoids. Walt Disney was born and baptized here!

The Kelvyn Field House hosts a variety of activities, and we had a steady flow of people coming in and out of the building.

The weekend also served as a two-day concert, and I enjoyed being introduced to the local musical talent. Angel had a front row seat.

Performers included: Gerardo Sanabria, Brandon Reyes, Victor Raul and Fuego ENT.

The Danzantes en las tablas showcased their skill and culture.

Their fan club eagerly videographed every move.

A food truck provided delicious tacos and quesadillas.

I headed home to attend the Nasty Women Fundraiser Party, and then fell asleep quickly after such a full 48 hours.

On Sunday we had more foot traffic and more wonderful concerts, and I spent time getting to know the other vendors.

It was fun to watch the interactions with visitors, and we cheered each others’ sales.

I didn’t sell as much as hoped, but was happy to see special pieces find special (and very young) owners.

My stakes are finding an audience bit by bit.

Those with a sweet tooth were rewarded as well.

Meanwhile, a stray dinosaur balloon kept peering in, looking ominous from afar.

It cracked me up to see the head bobbing in and out, especially with the unicorn watching.

Soon it was time to pack up, and my trip downstairs was quick as I had numerous helping hands to carry my items down with me. I look forward to seeing what JerroArts has up his sleeve next for future vendor opportunities.

Thank you Allstate for your sponsorhip!

I wonder what the Dinosaur saw next…

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