Easter at the Pop Up Gallery

I’ve been making stakes to bring in spring, and it has lifted my mood.

I tried to jig a flower on my Now That’s a Jig!, which took a few attempts. While the pegs are symmetrical, lifting the wire off the jig shifts the tension and the petals get a bit wonky.

After settling for the whimsical feel it was fun to form the wire into purposefully wonky shapes, based on my original book design.

I played with the light as the sun set much too early, and sort of celebrated the longer day when the clock sprung forward.

Soon I had a fun collection.

Last week I dropped a few off at The Evanston Pop Up Gallery.

It was fun to rearrange my shelf.

The store will hold an Easter Egg Hunt on March 21 at 11am, so I also brought in some chocolate eggs to be hidden around the store.

My aim with the shorter stakes is for them to be placed in Everlasting Fire Studio’s Vases, and I used my custom vases for the photoshoot.

You can get their beautiful creations diagonally from my cubby at the Pop Up Gallery.

Meanwhile, I picked up some temporary holders from Secret Treasures until Elektra and John return to the store.

The Easter tree I used for some stakes (you can pull my creations right out) is from target, and we have a brand new one across the street on Sherman.

It is a wonderful store for all ages, with that ‘fresh new store’ scent.

So swing by this month for your spring shopping.

My springy pendants and earrings are on display as well.

There are lots of great gifts to peruse.

You can mix and match my pieces and put them in a variety of receptacles.

I recommend these for indoors, but in a garden they will develop a nice patina.

For this brown thumb, it is comforting to know that these flowers won’t ever wilt or die!

Happy Spring to you!


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