Days of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year it has really snuck up on me. It feels surreal that everyone will be gathered around Turkey and trimmings tomorrow. After the Halloween push it seems the stores are skipping straight ahead to Christmas. One distressed little girl asked her mom if they were skipping Thanksgiving this year: “Why does the [Joann’s] store not have Thanksgiving? It only has Christmas.” Her mom assured her Thanksgiving was still going to be celebrated.

Turkey display at the Field Museum

Turkey display at The Field Museum’s Nature Walk, installed in 1910

Having been on holiday all year has made me less eager to count down to each celebration. It does not really mark time off for me this year, nor will I be traveling. In spite of my intentions to write some Thanksgiving cards that has not happened either. In that regard I will be skipping to Christmas myself!

Turkey display at the Field Museum

Turkey display at The Field Museum’s Nature Walk, installed in 1910

Top ten things I am grateful for this year:

  1. Having the guts to claim this fabulous year of reflection, journeying and exploration for myself
  2. The ever-present support of family and a core group of very important friends
  3. Being offered opportunities and encouragement ‘out of the blue’ that affirm my decisions and keep me motivated
  4. Learning from some challenges that have helped me establish a more authentic self
  5. Taking a fantastic trip to Greece that inspired, educated and invigorated me
  6. Slowly building more community in person, which is stepping out of my introverted comfort zone
  7. Discovering more educational, inspirational and beautiful gems my home town has to offer
  8. The (sometimes overwhelming) abundance of resources available to help me establish my own authentic business
  9. Becoming more flexible and optimistic in my approach to life (= less of a worrying control-freak)
  10. The faith that I am where I need to be and that I will have the means to keep on moving toward success

Turkey cookie from the All Chocolate Kitchen

Chocolate Turkeys from Chef Brody’s All Chocolate Kitchen

I look forward to picking up or baking a pie, selecting a DVD marathon, and reading and reflecting in my cozy home.

May you be surrounded by love, joy, warmth and the aromas of good eating on your Thanksgiving day.

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