Daily Walks

My hands are busy making bees and my brain is busy processing research, but I also aim to take daily walks as the weather allows.

Here are some snapshots of the recent beauty in my neighborhood.

I don’t get beach tokens, but sometimes I am tempted to take a day at the beach.

Picnic tables have moved out of a park that is being remodeled, so I have a lovely lakeside office for the time being.

It is always fun to support a lemonade stand along the way.

Look at all the boaters boating.

Recently furry caterpillars have crossed my path, like this cute Tussock Moth caterpillar.

The milkweed Tiger Moth has taken residence in one front garden along my daily path.

I love these glorious giant petals.

Sunshine at the corner.

Even Dr. Seuss was inspired by nature.

I spy a dog face.

Monarchs abound, and here’s a lovely Admiral.

A cactus is thriving.

I’m inspired by these pod structures.

There was a chalk challenge in one neighborhood recently.

The Main-Dempster Mile hosted baby goats recently.

This statue always reminds me of Let it Be.

I love this glorious weather, and hope I remember it during the long winter.

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