Boutiquing in Lemont

I’ve been creating new pieces that aren’t up on Etsy, because as of today they are available for sale in a boutique.

Maike's Marvels at Aurora Rose

Yesterday I drove into Lemont, Illinois for the first time, which was a revelation. Just a short ride off I-55, entering via exit 271 offers a lovely view of a hillside town with many church steeples. It was settled in 1836 by workers digging the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and is “one of the oldest American communities in northeastern Illinois.”


My destination was right in the heart of historic downtown Lemont, where the buildings do harken back to historic America.

Aurora Rose store front

There, at 111 Stephen Street, I met the owners of Aurora Rose Boutique, Kim and Amber, and cat Hermione Rose who recently relocated the shop from another location to Lemont. They hand-pick creators of unique artisan gifts and pride themselves on selling items you cannot easily find in other stores.*

Kim and Amber

The store offers children’s and doll clothing, fairies, handcrafted jewelry, decorative and functional pieces for the home, wall decor, and select food products.


You can view a list of the vendors here.

Aurora Rose Boutique in Lemont

I enjoyed the humorous take on little girls’ outfits.


Doll’s dresses fit for Princess Scientists abound.

Princess Dolls

Fairies peek at you from various vantage points.

fairies at Aurora Rose

I had a fortifying lunch across the street at H&H Family Restaurant, visited a fun antiques and memorabilia store, drove around a little bit to explore, and then made my way home since it was too chilly to linger.


The town hosts activities year-round, and looks to be a fun destination for Spring and Summer. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is eagerly anticipated for March 9 at 1 pm. Aurora Rose will host a fairy event later in the month. I look forward to future excursions.

Green for the Parade

Meanwhile, if Lemont is too far for you, peruse Aurora Rose’s Facebook page where they post pictures of the gift items they sell.

Aurora Rose

Maike’s Maraviglia available at Aurora Rose include:

Love pendants inspired by Song of Solomon

Solomon pendants Maike's Maraviglia

 New collar necklaces.

Necklace details Maike's Maraviglia


wire necklaces by Maike's Marvels

Brand-new creations including a princess heart, a denim triangle, Kindly Recommended, a woven oval, Barbalala, Irish Rose ‘I’ll greet her’, Dark Chocolate, Irish Rose Fairies, a polka-dot flower, quirky blue shamrock, Psalms 103:15 circle, and an abstract form.

Wax and Wire Maike's Maraviglia pendants

I also brought in some earlier creations.

More pendants by Maike's Marvels

I enjoy creating them, and they’re just as much fun to wear. Pick out yours (and one for a friend) today!

* To clarify, we had been in contact before the in-person meeting. It is always good form to make an appointment with retail establishments if you wish to sell your wares at their venue. (I don’t want it to appear that I just showed up with my pieces in hand…)

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  1. Jessica says:

    What a fun adventure, Maike! I’m so glad it went well. The pieces you took are lovely and the town looks charming too.

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