It is such a pleasure getting to know the artistic community in Chicagoland. On Friday evening, I walked over to Artruck. Hosted by a resident of Ashland avenue, two trucks were embellished with strings of lights, and select local artists were invited to display their work.

It was a block party that spanned two U-Haul trucks.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

First I perused Cindy Jevon’s encaustic work.

Art work by Cindy Jevon

There were prints, paintings and fabric art. The full list of participating artists is here. This piece by Gerry Macsai is a stunner.

Art work by Gerry Macsai

Small canvases were strung along.

Paintings by Alice Dubois 

Another neighbor brought endless supplies of wonderful breads into his Bread Car.

I sampled the onion bread, since the rosemary bread was all gone. There was apple pie with a fabulous crust, cookies with roasted nuts in them, and date and pecan bread. I also heard there was a chocolate-berry version but by that time I was too stuffed.

At night it was a lovely scene.

After taking another spin through the trucks with friends, we cut through the alley to visit Cindy at her PerficalSense Studio.

She was finishing hanging Magdalena Lis’ work, which will be on display through the end of the month.

The show is called Dreams and Memories, and features mixed- media paintings and linocuts.

While sipping wine we talked of the joy of art making, the beauty of Magdalena’s work, and the new adventures of artist friends.

This art work by Danny Mansmith is for sale at PerficalSense

It was a lovely evening, and I am glad I fought my fatigue for this comfortable gathering.

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