Anticipating my first pop-up

We’re busily preparing for the upcoming Pop-Up show Paola’s Vinum is hosting on Saturday. Jennifer Yang curated the show and selected the five of us from the Chicago Painters and Artists’ Group to display our work for one night only. We will bring our art pieces to Paola’s Vinum, 328 S. Jefferson St., Chicago, IL 60661 and you can peruse them between 5 and 10 p.m. on June 2.

Who can say no to chatting with up-and-coming Chicago artists while sipping on Spanish wines?

Pop-up Gallery June 2, 2012 in Chicago

I met Piotr Wolodkowicz at the Ravenshood Art Walk, and saw his beautiful Portrait of Trees show at the Athenaeum Theatre in December. As someone who looks up into treetops all the time, I could relate to those large pieces depicting vibrant trees.

He states: “My paintings start with a color idea and than I develop the composition in which the color is the primary subject. My art reflects my experiences and feelings. Balance, vibrancy and simplicity are my primary goals which I try to achieve through landscape and plain air paintings. My work romanticizes places that might not seem noteworthy but are beautiful in those short moments when they exist.”

Piotr was raised in Poland and has traveled the middle east, Europe and parts of Africa. He has had a solo exhibits at various places in Chicago, including the Ukrainian Museum.

Brett Edenton hosted our Art Share event at his lovely studio. He hosts open studios with live models on a regular basis, and I am curious to see his selection of portraits and still lifes.

A peek in Brett Edenton’s studio in February

Jennifer Yang has immersed herself in studying painting for the past few years. I’ve seen her draw at the Digital Art Demo, and look forward to seeing her paintings of figures and still life objects. She works with oil and traditional mediums, focusing on naturalism. She draws her inspiration from literature and film, and “plans to eat lots of Spanish tortillas at the event!” When not painting, she likes to read and write.

Jennifer Yang’s sketch-in-progress during the Digital Art Demo

I saw Jason McPhillips’  work at the Art Share event and was drawn to his Time triptych that seemed as three-dimensional as a real shadow box. He also “creates drawings, paintings, and sculpture based on the close study of nature.”

“Beginning his creative career as an aspiring filmmaker, an intensive period of drawing storyboards eventually gave rise to an obsession with painting. Jason’s art seeks to draw attention to the mysteries that surround us, from the play of light to the manifestation of form in space.”

“Recently relocated from the Rocky Mountains, Jason is enjoying the rich cultural environment and social opportunities afforded by life in Chicago. He is looking forward to the evening’s introduction to Spanish food and wines, as he will be traveling to Spain this September.”

Jason McPhillips’ Praeteritus at Art Share

Christina Caruso was painting alongside Jennifer at the Digital Art Demo, and was very forthcoming in explaining her process with me as I admired her travel-ready oil paint set-up. I look forward to learning more about her and her work at the show.

I’m very excited to be part of a pop-up gallery with these talented painters, and look forward to learning more about Spanish wines as well. Join us on Saturday!


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