All Hallow’s Eve

Happy Halloween!

My neighborhood has been getting spooky, creepy and harvesty over the past few weeks. I don’t have a yard to decorate but always delight in seeing the lengths others go through for this holiday.

Step up on these ratty stairs:

Are you interested in trick or treating here?

Looks like a ‘warm’ welcome here!

Arachnophobes need not stop by.

Or you might end up like this:

You never know when you might bump into an old soul.

I dare you to cross this front yard!

This real cemetery is located in Rhodes Town, on Rhodes (Greece).

Or you can hitch a ride from this guy.

Some friendly ghosts will light your way.

My “creepy movie night” will consist of the Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.

I don’t subscribe to the scary or occult aspects of the holiday, but like to ponder the communal and harvest aspects of Samhain.

As much as I like to dress up, The last Halloween party I went to was more than a decade ago, and my last dress-up as a flapper has been a few years as well. Trick or treaters don’t come by this corner. 🙁

I hope you enjoy this time of celebrating the bountiful harvest and preparation for gatherings around the hearth.


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