3D Encaustic Workshop

Last Fall I had a blast learning more Encaustic 3D techniques during a workshop with Helen Dannelly and Alicia Forestall-Boehm. This workshop is offered again in mid-March, and I am finally getting around to writing about it. 🙂

First I had angel photobomb a Bridgeport Art Center sculpture.

Our first day was about creating 3-D armatures involving wire and plaster. I had instant tool envy, even though I know what I have is quite sufficient for my needs.

Our gathering included a number of strangers and friends.

Helen Dannelly provided a demonstration of making an armature our of mesh wire and plaster.

Then we set out to create our own. It was fun to experiment with chicken wire and mesh wire.

I made a basket that just organically came together and then got my fingers wet placing strips of plaster onto the wire.

We plastered away and this form felt complete as is.

When we had lunch we perused a slide deck of inspirational artists who work in 3D.

My friends also took photos, and it is fun to be snapped while making my pieces.

The lovely Carol Myers had brought her pencil prayers and allowed each of us to pick one out.

On day two the tables had made a switcheroo to hot boxes and encaustic.

Alicia Forestall-Boehm offered a demonstration on how to paint the mesh and string with encaustic.

We started painting the mesh and deciding how we would apply it to our armatures.

My objective is always to play with colors I don’t have at home and experiment with new combinations.

It is also great to learn more about equipment, such as Paula Roland’s HOTbox.

This day too was a blast and I enjoyed catching up with my friend Carol.

I played with a wonky wire form and had fun working with it from all angles.

At the end of class we gathered around and reviewed what everyone made.

It was amazing to see the diversity of creations from the same demos with the same materials.

I am happy with my pieces, and look forward to experimenting more with these new techniques.

Alicia and Helen will host another 3-D Encaustic Workshop at Helen’s Bridgeport Art Center Studio on March 17 – 18 from 10 a.m. to  4 p.m. each day.  Students will learn basic structural techniques for creating three-dimensional forms and utilizing encaustic medium.

They will discuss line, mass, volume, surface, scale, display options, relief versus free-standing sculpture, and hanging devices. Materials used will include wire and wire mesh, plaster gauze, fiber and encaustic. $400 includes materials.

Check out other FUSEDChicago workshops this year as well. You will come out with new friends and new ideas to incorporate into your future creations.


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