Terrain Biennial and open studios this weekend

PHEW. It’s been an intense weekend, and I am still recovering from the activities and the crazy weather swings.

I try to get in daily walks to keep my muscles supple and get some perspective via the Lake.

I am eager to recap all the September fun, but today I need to take care of al the things that get neglected during art fair production and prep.

For those who cannot get enough of Evanston Made, the Biennial is opening this weekend, and numerous artists are having open studios in conjunction with the event. Check out the artist roster here. The map for studio visits is here.

Evanston artists organize public art installations as part of 3rd Terrain Biennial public art exhibition October 1-November 15, 2017.  Terrain is held in Evanston, IL, between Emerson and Dempster Streets.

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