1 year at Aurora Rose

Last year on this date I discovered a quaint new town just an hour from my home. I took the scenic route of Lakeshore Drive to I-55 to exit Lemont Road, where a lovely vista greeted me as I entered town.


The purpose was to meet Kim and Amber Peters, and as I entered their pink store I knew this would be a great venue to showcase my pieces.


They are very active in the Lemont community, and their engagement is beginning to garner some notice.


They also offer numerous in-store specials, including $5 off my green-inclusive pieces next month in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.


The danger of being an artist is that you want to support other artists, so generally, when I sell something, I also buy something…


Thank you for inviting me into your quirky and joyful store, Amber and Kim. Here’s to another fabulous year!


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