Professional vs. my own art photos, what a difference!

Several weeks ago I took my art work to a professional photoshoot with Tom van Eynde.

I have learned that art photography is a new skillset from just taking photographs in nature or of people. There is often ‘headstone’ effect when I try to take 2-D art work pictures. The key is to really center your work, and to have proper lighting.

Comparing my shots to those of Tom, I can see what a difference the right setup makes. There are no weird shadows and the light on the piece is nicely balanced with artificial light from both sides than the natural light photos I took.

Even smaller works, which are easier to crop and shoot, produced richer colors.

My Art Marketing class had a demonstration about how to take one’s own photos, and I plan to keep learning and experimenting, but for now I am submitting Tom’s photos for calls for art.

Have you experimented with art photography? What setup works best for you?

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