2012 take-aways

I thought about doing a year-end post, but listing all my activities by month is overwhelming. So here are some takeaways from the year:

Learning = daring

Several workshops both in encaustics and outside of my medium encouraged me to try new things and practice them in my own work, which led to much growth, and even more inspiration I have yet to implement.

Community = opportunities

The past year has been filled with kindred spirits who supported my endeavors, shared in my adventures, and were a pleasure to get to know better. Within this year, numerous connections have resulted in lovely opportunities I couldn’t even imagine a year ago.

Exhibiting = confidence-building

After responding to many calls for art, a few also resulted in additional requests to participate in other shows, which affirmed my place in the artistic community.

Loss = centering

A few personal losses this year, as well as larger-scale tragedies, caused me to pause and reflect on what life is truly about. Grieving is a vital part of growth and development, and taking time off (especially after December 11) to process my emotions around those momentous events was important.

Travel = gathering and connecting

A lot of 2012’s trips revolved around gathering with family. It was good to strengthen bonds and share meaningful and inspirational experiences with loved ones. My two retreats also offered an opportunity to recharge and re-set priorities, which is always easier during a change of scenery among like-minded individuals.

Creating = energizing

Studio time came in bursts this year, with many collages created during Spring and Summer, and then numerous Maraviglia coming out in the Fall. I still have a lot more in my head, but the energy of creating had to be balanced with other activities as well.

Earning = stabilizing

This is a material world, and ultimately validation does come from earning one’s keep. My life is mainly funded by freelance writing, but selling my art in the last two quarters of this year was the greatest thrill. I look forward to adding more stock to my Etsy store and growing that percentage of Marvels income.

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