Angel Making

It is angel making time.

No matter the season, I consistently sell angels throughout the year. So after my angel count session last week I had to replenish some more.

My purples and blues are popular. I also keep selling the skull angels I have in stock. After a 3D encaustic workshop my friend and I went to Blick’s and I found this lovely gold sugar skull paper which of course needed to be angel-fied as well. I love the result.

My aim for the Beetlejuice angel turned out to have a different effect when I went with horizontal stripes instead. Ah well, it’s cute whether you see a jail bird or Audrey or anything else in it.

I wanted to make an ugly sweater angel as well, and this one turned out to be a wine and sweets lover.

I had some Christmas carols from prior seasons that I converted into new angels as well. Some are from when I didn’t jig my angels yet, so I had to adjust the size of the bodies to fit the printed text.

Sometimes the multiple transports of the ornaments take a toll, and when this angel’s wing came loose I decided to refresh its wings entirely, while humming Mr. Mister.

Other angels got new accessories to see if that makes them more attractive to buyers.

Sometimes color decisions are difficult, so there may be multiple poinsettia angel iterations.

My friend Kaitlyn colored a bunch of scraps for me last year when rainbows were trending. I had time to incorporate those scraps into new creations this week.

The polka dots were begging for pompoms, and I am super delighted at the two pastel angels that came out of that.

Today I sent some off to local stores.

Sacred Art will be bringing a batch to Show of Hands this weekend.

My Evanston Pop Up Gallery section got a makeover today too.

The rest of inventory will be with me at the Handmade Market on Saturday, and at the Jewelry & Gift Show in Highland park next weekend.

I look forward to seeing these adopted to new homes. It is a pleasure to keep making dragonflies and angels, so I look forward to getting jigging some more after the Thanksgiving Holiday with family.

December is coming soon, and I am happy to work on commissions for your holiday needs. Contact me if you have a gift idea in mind.

New pendants

I’m preparing for the Custer Street Fair, my first big fair booth ever. I’ll be sharing a tent with the talented Jason McPhillips, who will have his wonderful paintings on hand. It is quite the expansion from the tray-sized pop-ups I’ve been doing, and also my first outdoor show.


Since the pendants will get hot laying out in the sun all day, I’ve had to re-think my designs. While wearing a wax and wire pendant throughout a summer day is fine, since a human moves around and will go and cool off periodically, keeping them out on a table in bright sunlight all day long will invariably soften the wax as the wire heats up, making the pendants more fragile when handled.


So I am working with beads and string and other found objects to create new designs that won’t be so sensitive to an outdoor setting. It’s been fun to sift through my collections and reflect back on teenage years when my cousin and I went bead-crazy.


I’m also playing with Christmas ornaments.


The cage technique was taught to me by Brenda Schweder at The Creative Connection’s Wrangled Bangles class.


I have a huge number to make and hope I can keep up with my weekly quotas. Wish me luck and mark your calendars for June 15 and 16 when all will be revealed!


My wax and wire pendants remain on Etsy and are also at Aurora Rose Boutique.