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The Ice Queen visits

My energy is coming back and some good things have been kicked off, but I still need to ease into a normal routine. The Ice Queen paid a visit this weekend and left some lovely art behind. There is much beauty in this wintry scenery, though staying out very long is not an option. I’m […]

Pause and reset

It’s been slow-going for me since the holidays. It feels counter-intuitive to lay/laze in bed when the media are blasting New Years’ Resolutions, everyone is sharing their organizing and goal-setting intentions, and you’re supposed to be off to a fresh start. The thing is I don’t feel fresh yet. My immune system has gone into […]

creating a new universe

I am truly resonating with this poem right now. When winter comes to a woman’s soul, she withdraws into her inner self, her deepest spaces. She refuses all connection, refutes all arguments that she should engage in the world. She may say she is resting, but she is more than resting: She is creating a […]


Some of you will envy me for this post, because I have a luxury this month: time. I was lucky getting stuck in vortex-land near family, so I didn’t lose money on hotels and cab fares waiting out the winter storm that stranded flights for almost a week. Nor did I need to call a […]

Frosty weekend walks

Nope, I didn’t work on the pendant descriptions I had every intention to write.  Saturday morning became frustrating as I fruitlessly searched online for findings that I know exist but apparently can only be found in 24-packs at Michael’s for now, instead of through a wholesaler. That’s the trickery of the Internet. You think that […]

a day with all weathers

How’s your winter thus far? The other day I experienced a wide range of temperatures and weather. I took my car to the workshop and broke a sweat walking back to downtown in my coat. It was raining all the way, too. Then after some indoorsy errands I picked up the car as the temperature […]


As the year ends and I am pondering what 2013 might hold, here are some pictures of my walk through Narnia over the past week (we got a bit more snow since the White Christmas). This will be my only post for this week as I am processing the year close-out and also working on […]


“Each moment of our lives, each moment that is given to us to live, we have to live very deeply.  Each moment is a chance for us to make peace with the world, to make peace possible for the world. The world needs our happiness.” ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh   On lighting candles. About the […]

winter brightness

After a recent snowfall I was inspired by OrangeMarigold to look at the tracks that had been made. It’s such fun to see the patterns in people’s shoe soles. Spring is on its way, but there might be a few dustings before the full bloom. My first Crocus sighting on Sunday! 🙂 Fortunately it’s been […]