Morpho’s 6th Annual Encaustic Exhibition

On Friday, I will be attending Morpho Gallery’s National Call for Encaustic Entries Opening party. This annual exhibit of encaustic artists will be held  August 4 at from 6 to 9 pm at 5216 N Damen Avenue in Chicago.

The 6th Annual Encaustic Exhibition includes 2D and 3D work made with the hot wax method of encaustic. Juried by Kathy Blankley Roman and Dan Addington, the exhibit includes works by several FUSEDChicago members and some encaustic artists I look forward to meeting that evening. The exhibit will be held August 4th through September 2nd 2017. Morpho Gallery’s hours are Thursdays and Fridays from 1 to 6 pm, and Saturdays from noon to 6 pm.

Artists included are: Brad Hook, Cat Crotchett, Laura Graveline, Anna Wagner-Ott, Brenda Erickson, Candace Law, Carol Myers, Carrie Baxter, Cindy Lesperance, Claudia Hollister, David Brown, Deborah Martin, Derek Brennan, Jeannette MacDougall, Jodie Sutton, Karen Ruth Karlsson, Katelyn Patton, Kathryn Isbister, Kathy Blankley Roman, Kay Vinson, Kaylee Dalton, Lamia Holden, Laura LaRue, Linda Mayer, Elizabeth Hubler-Torrey, Patricia Lagger, Penny Park, Rinat Goren, and Teresa Foster (the ones in bold are my FUSEDChicago friends).

For this show submission, I made a whimsical wall hanging. I was inspired by Brenda’s Now That’s A Jig! Shapes and put a bunch onto the Jig, initially thinking I would work with a 6 x 6 shadowbox.

Of course I went off-jig right away and started rearranging the wire as I went to make the shape more freeform.

Soon I had the basic shape to make a wall hanging.

I wanted to incorporate a vintage book page, which then determined the rest of the palette.

After some rearranging, I settled on purple and blue tones in addition to the text papers.

Then the fusing began.

With the fan going for ventilation, I had to weight the snippets down to keep them from fluttering off the table.

As always, the Xacto knife is my friend.

My friends recruited me for an evening meal, and it is always good to call it a day after a few hours in the studio anyway, because you need perspective and also don’t want to rush the design process.

While I liked the piece where it was, I still wanted to add the remaining papers as planned. I did swap out some swatches as the remaining papers were attached.

With big (to me) pieces like this, the wire isn’t always flush. It is a delicate balance of making sure the forms will be straight enough to hold the paper and also keeping in mind how the piece will hang in the end.

A Traveler’s Whimsy by Maike’s Marvels.

I am curious to see how the accepted pieces came together. Morpho Gallery always showcases a variety of techniques at this annual show. 

I didn’t get into the show, but this piece proudly hangs on my own wall until I am ready to part with it.

upcoming art shows

Fresh on the heels of exploring a fun art show, I am pleased to announce my upcoming exhibits.

From September 20 through October 25, Migrant Danaus will be at Dick Blick Evanston’s 12×12 Fall Show. Last year’s show prompted me to enter exhibits, so it is nice to mark the anniversary of that milestone with another entry. What a fun journey it has been.

The opening reception is Thursday, September 20, 2012 from 6 to 8 p.m. at 1755 Maple Avenue, Church Street Plaza, Evanston, IL 60201. View my collages on Etsy.

FUSEDChicago is participating in Chicago Artists Month with The Buzz, an exhibit at Gallery 303 at the Zhou B Art Center, 1029 West 35th Street, Chicago. This show will host a lot of my friends’ work, as well as my Malachites, throughout October. The opening reception will be held October 19, from 7 p.m. onward. Mark your calendars for an encaustic weekend as techniques will be showcased the afternoons of October 20 and 21. I’ll share a who’s who as the date approaches.

The map I created in Shawna Moore’s workshop, now called Superior, will hang at Community Cartography, Kinzie Corridor Art Gallery from October 5 through November 23, with opening night on October 5.

Sassy Aphrodite will grace a wall of the Uptown Art Center in their Sacred show from October 20 through December 20.

Oh, and my Idea leuconoe triptych found a permanent home at the office of Final Draft Business Support Services, Inc., which makes me very happy.

Dancing Wings for Sale on Etsy

I’ve just re-listed my Dancing Wings collage on Etsy. This was such fun to make.

photo and art work copyright Maike's Marvels

I discovered Holly Berry House stamps at the last consumer Craft & Hobby Association Show in 2010. On-site I watched ladies make boutonnieres and was intrigued by the layering. You basically get 6 stamps in one! She is very generous and allows stamp owners to sell their creations, but of course the stamp design itself is copyrighted.

So at home I played with various iterations, and created the set above. I picked complementary colors and stamped the papers.

Then I cut out the outlines, making each piece a smaller version of the one before (the stamps come with instruction sheets).

photo and art creation copyright Maike's Marvels

Next were the background layers, inspired by butterfly words.

Last Christmas I was commissioned to make custom pairs with the favorite colors of two special young ladies.

While visiting family, it was a fun craft project with another girl.

The color combinations are endless, so if you’re interested in a custom piece, let me know.

BUGS!!! Open House and a re-opened Etsy Shop

As I mentioned, a few pieces are going back up on Etsy, and so is Red Hot Love.

 I made this prior to the Arts of Life Square Foot Show in Glenview.

Speaking of the Arts of Life, the BUGS!!! Exhibit has another open house with live music on Friday, September 7 from 6 to 10 pm at 2010 W. Carroll Ave., Chicago, IL.

I was exploring embedding and creating texture with paper as well as marks when I worked on Red Hot Love. First I stenciled love onto paper.

Then I played with the layout a little bit.

encaustic collage

After a few layers of medium, I embedded the paper into encaustic medium. Using a page of the book of John which I picked up at a thrift store, I tore out a page and inserted this quote.

Adding another layer of medium, I played with mark-making by writing and scratching into the warm wax.

I also tried painting and writing with pigmented wax, which is harder than it seems. Watching the tissue paper react to the wax was fun.

What do you think of this departure from nature-based photos and collages?

An updated photo gallery

I just received my new CD of Tom van Eynde’s art photography. There are a few calls for art I’m submitting to, and professional photos are key.

So now I can show you what I’ve been working on the past few months. I wish the dimension came out more in these photos, but the thing with encaustics is that it is very tactile, and you have to see it in person to truly appreciate the texture and depth of the medium. My photo gallery is available here.

My Malachites were happily fluttering about at Butterflies and Blooms earlier this summer.

Malachites encaustic collage diptych by Maike’s Marvels

The dragon/damselflies were snapped at various locations. The Northern bluet damselfly was resting at the Houston Botanical Garden, while the Twelve-spotted skimmer and the Ruby meadhowhawk hung out at the Emily Oaks Nature Preserve during different trips there.

 Damselfly-Dragonfly diptych by Maike’s Marvels

Ruby Meadowhawk encaustic collage by Maike’s Marvels 

For another submission I played with layering and patterns, inspired by the mechanical music scrolls I was gifted with.

Musicscroll diptych encaustic collage by Maike’s Marvels

This Turquoise and White piece was intended to become a background, but I like it as is, so it may stay this way.


Turquoise and White by Maike’s Marvels

Someone has dibs on the marbleized piece, which was also intended as a background until I was halted by an ‘I want this as is’ alert.

marbled art encaustic painting by Maike’s Marvels 

As my older pieces return to me from other shows I am loading things back on the Etsy shop, so keep your eye on it for something to add to your collection.

Meanwhile, this map I worked on in Shawna Moore’s workshop will head to the Kinzie Corridor Gallery for their upcoming Community Cartography exhibit, which is still taking submissions.


Superior beeswax collage by Maike’s Marvels

BUGS!!! Exhibit open through September 21

It’s been a very buggy time around here. Once you become aware of something, it is everywhere, and so it is with insects for me.

Since getting to know Lauren, entomology has started to creep in on me, and it continues with the BUGS!!! exhibit at the Arts of Life.

Mike Caskel

From assemblage to collage to paintings to photography and paper-cut-outs, insects are portrayed in colorful ways.

They aren’t the creepy crawlies we think they are, when we spend time studying them and understanding their place in this world.

Jon Walz

On Saturday evening, El Circo Cheapo entertained with acrobatics, and the Arts of Life emcees offered up insect jokes and trivia, such as the strongest beetle in the world.

Exhibiting artists include: Christopher J. Erickson, Debbie Vasquez, Jean Wilson, Jim NewberryJon WalzMaike’s Marvels, Marta Sytniewski, and Mike Kaskel.

Marta Sytniewsky

Swing by the gallery at 2010 West Carroll Avenue if you’re in the Kinzie Corridor neighborhood.

 Three Butterflies by Robert Cruz

The art work will be up through September 21, and the gallery is open from 9 am to 4 pm each weekday.

Professional vs. my own art photos, what a difference!

Several weeks ago I took my art work to a professional photoshoot with Tom van Eynde.

I have learned that art photography is a new skillset from just taking photographs in nature or of people. There is often ‘headstone’ effect when I try to take 2-D art work pictures. The key is to really center your work, and to have proper lighting.

Comparing my shots to those of Tom, I can see what a difference the right setup makes. There are no weird shadows and the light on the piece is nicely balanced with artificial light from both sides than the natural light photos I took.

Even smaller works, which are easier to crop and shoot, produced richer colors.

My Art Marketing class had a demonstration about how to take one’s own photos, and I plan to keep learning and experimenting, but for now I am submitting Tom’s photos for calls for art.

Have you experimented with art photography? What setup works best for you?

WINners at the first WINniversary

“WIN started with an idea and friends,
and grew with friends we didn’t know we were going to make.
You are the structure and flowers of WIN,
and it is an ongoing joy to get to see this flower open.”

~ Valerie Beck

Tuesday was a celebratory day for me. I was inducted into Women’s Innovation Network’s Hall of WINners, which is such an honor. The Hall of WINners consists of people who supported WIN with loyalty, a positive attitude, commitment and innovation. My fellow inductees are lovely ladies (and one man) who truly reflect those traits, and who are becoming friends as I get to know them better.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

“I knew right away (from the first Spa & Cupcakes)
that this is the right place to be”

~ Erica Smith 

What’s even nicer is that I don’t feel like I did anything special. How cool is it to be recognized for just being yourself?

copyright Maike's Marvels

 Photo by Yasmina Marie Slimani of Belle D’Argane

“WIN is warm, inviting and neverending smiles.”
~ Mary Doherty-Monahan 

We had a fabulous luncheon. Lee Wing Wah prepared a lovely array of dishes that I soon lost count of, which were set out on lazy susans so we could serve ourselves buffet style. The lovely Kelly Baskin sang Seasons of Love to open our festivities.

“I’ve met terrific people.
I like the fact that Valerie is genuinely concerned that
business owners meet people they can do business with.”

Gayle Newcomb 

Valerie Beck and Erica Thomas presented a look back, which is nicely summarized in this video (I blame the giggles on champagne bubbles):

Of course, it wouldn’t be WIN without a look forward, and Valerie announced the new imprint, WINning books, the publishing arm of the Women’s Innovation Network. The web page with more information will launch soon. The inaugural book is available via this link.

“In 1942, the men were at war and all businesses were run by women.
In the 1950s the women gave up the businesses.
I’m glad to see we’re all back in business.”

~ Marcia Miller, (Erica’s) Mom of the Year

In addition, upgrades to WIN’s member web site were announced, with an upcoming searchable directory, a listserve, and a document cloud for event details and past fireside chats. We will also expand to other cities.

“WIN is supportive. You can call or e-mail anyone for help.”
~ Fernanda Hopkins 

We were then inducted into the Hall of Fame, and pulled off a surprise gift for Valerie and Erica (yay!).

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

 Photo by Yasmina Marie Slimani of Belle D’Argane

“I see energy and positivity in WIN, and that’s Valerie.”
~ Joy Beck, (Valerie’s) Mom of the Year

Swirlz Cupcakes provided special lemon-cupcakes for dessert, with pearls on top!

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

“I now ask myself: ‘What would Valerie do?’” 
Pam Rose, Swirlz Cupcakes

Kelly Baskin brought the house down with This Little Light of Mine.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

I had a vendor table alongside Belle D’Argane, Lia Sophia and LimoBank, which was fun as well.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

“WIN is all energy, all business, all innovation”
DaShan Thomas, Man of the Year 

I had saved up for the bracelet Mary loaned me at the Candy Gala, so it was double fun to shop for sparklies myself.

photo copyright DaShan Thomas

Photo courtesy DaShan Thomas

It was a lovely afternoon with great momentum to kick off year 2 of this fabulous organization.

photo copyright Women's Innovation Network

Photo courtesy Women’s Innovation Network

More photos available here.

“I look at all you beautiful ladies and I see
you grow your business with a positive attitude.
A positive attitude is what we need as women about ourselves and about our business.”
~ Sheena Freeman, (DaShan’s) Mom of the Year

ADDENDUM: As of March 10, 2013, I no longer support the WIN Board and its actions. However, I do support small business, women-owned businesses, and the gracious hosts of past WIN events.

Shawna Moore and Friends exhibit

Last Friday I attended Zhou B Art Center’s third Friday festivities. The building opens from 7 to 10 pm every third Friday to host exhibit openings and allow the public to peruse artist studios.

art work by Tom Meyer and Isabelle Gougenheim

First, I stopped by Jenny Learner’s studio to explore the art work my fellow workshop attendees have created. There is such talent and creativity in the Shawna Moore and Friends show.

encaustic paintings by Shawna Moore

Studio 303: works by
Isabelle Gougenheim, Bridgette Guerzon Mills and Shawna Moore

It was nice to catch up with everyone after not seeing each other for a few weeks.

art work by Lisa Dartt, Barbette Loevy, Tom Meyer, Helene Bizouerne

art work by VA de Pintor, Barbette Loevey, Isabelle Gougenheim,
Jenny Learner, Elyse Martin

encaustic paintings by Tom Meyer

encaustic collages by Kathy Blankley Roman and Maike’s Marvels

red art by Jenny Learner and Maike’s Marvels

green art by Madeline True and Jenny Learner

Madeline True, Kathy Blankley Roman and Barbette Loevy

Jenny also let us experiment with new tools, which introduced me to monoprinting.

monoprinting with new tools 

It was a lovely evening, and I am honored to have my pieces on display here.

Studio 303 is on the third floor of the Zhou B Art Center (1029 W 35th St. Chicago, IL 60609). To stop by and see my work, which will be up through July 14, contact Jenny.

Art + Wine pop-up gallery

Following Artruck, I was looking forward to my own pop-up gallery experience. I passed the morning observing dragonflies by the lake, and then made my way downtown to pick up Jason and his work, after which we began setting up at Paola’s Vinum.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

I claimed a table while the group divvied up the display walls Jason loaned us, and we were pleased with how everything came together.

While our group has a diverse range of personalities, there was a cohesiveness to themes and painting styles.

Paola helped us ease the pre-show jitters by pouring Cava, to which we toasted.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

We also sampled appetizers.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

Wine is also available by the bottle.

Before long, people began perusing the show, and we enjoyed chatting with them about techniques, our art, and their artistic forays.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

Piotr’s landscapes were perused by many.

Field in Maine After the Storm and Summer Evening in Galena 
by Piotr Wolodkowicz

Brett’s work had me reviewing the old masters at home.

Spring, copies after Rembrandt (Old Man with a Black Hat and Gorget), Sir Gerald Kelly (the blue lady-not sure of true title), Leonardo Da Vinci (La Belle Ferronière), and Vermeer (Painter in his Studio) by Brett Edenton

It was lovely to see Jason’s Triptych as a whole. He also has giclee prints available.

Time in Three Parts and The Shell by Jason McPhillips,
with Showgirl by Christina Caruso

Christina’s portraits spanned from the historic to a more modern perspective.

Christina Caruso’s Death Mask, and select landscape paintings

Pearls were also represented in Jennifer’s work.

Squash, Precious, Female Nude Study and Male Nude Study by Jennifer Yang

In spite of my nerves, the response to my work was positive, too, and a few more people are eager to try encaustics.

It truly was a lovely evening.