Brilliant Blooms

I’ve returned from my cabin getaway and will tell you more about that soon.

Right now, I am basking in the springy sunshine too much to sit and write.

I love this part of the season where petals unfurl in their brightest finery.

Pink is trending.

So pretty.

My favorite scent is everywhere.

I think it is a kind of jasmine, I keep forgetting the name of these blossoms.

The lake sparkles with all the sunshine cast upon it.

Tulips make my Dutch heart proud.

Narcissi have an array of petals.

Purple petals radiate.

I hum Alice in Wonderland’s flower song in the streets.

My favorite flower has returned.

Trees are coming out of hibernation.

Cultivate’s current exhibit has stunning photos of ferns unfurling.

OK-gotta go out and sniff again!

Tulip Love

Life is blooming here with trees awakening and birds beginning to nest.


Blossoms abound in wide arrays of color.


Tulips are the most dominant beauties this month.


Sunshine and warmth brings so much joy.


The amazing colorations of these flowers are fascinating.


Even showers cannot dampen my spirit with all the color and fragrance.


My favorite, the forget-me-not is in bloom as well and makes me so happy.


I also captured a cabbage white butterfly on camera. This is the third one I have spotted since April.


Magnolias are mesmerizing.


Wishing you a vibrant, joyous day!


Could it be Spring?

Could it be? Did Winter finally get the memo to make way for Spring?


I saw buds pop up last week only to be covered by snow.


But now the majority of ice blobs have melted, and these sprouts just might have a chance!


There are still remnants of ice. This was February 22.


And on April Fool’s Day, ice blobs are still taunting us.


Fascinating physics for sure.


Here’s hoping that spring is here to stay, and we can enjoy the blossoming of new life.


I am reminded of a childhood song whenever I see Croci


and Narcissus.


This is the only YouTube version I could find.

I wish those observing holy days this week(end) peace and pause.


My amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Spring has returned to us, gradually revealing earth and grass under the thick blanket of snow and ice we’ve lived with for the past month.


I’m eagerly exchanging my snow boots for regular shoes, and the goose down coat is going back into the closet. Instead I get to wear my cheerful She Wore Blue coat that I ordered from Hello Holiday in 2013.


I love the fit of this coat and the cobalt blue suits my complexion quite well, if I say so myself.


It’s been fun wearing it out and about and taking it along to art fairs. Compliments abound when I wear it, continuously validating this bold color choice.


The details of it make me happy too, and remind me of a childhood rhyme about a coat with buttons of gold.


It also makes a lovely background for scarf pendants.


Hello Holiday recently opened a brick and mortar boutique in Omaha, Nebraska, and whenever a road trip takes me there I look forward to having a try-on party.


painting by Jason McPhillips

Meanwhile, I scour the online shop for fun additions to my closet. The Daisy Chain Dress is a summer favorite.


Each package is wrapped with care and makes delivery day feel like a birthday. I returned one dress that didn’t suit my body type, and it was easy-peasy to ship it back. That refund paid for the coat.


Co-owners Megan Hunt and Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik are inspirational in their own right.  I enjoy following these entrepreneurial women on social media and vicariously engaging in their joie de vivre. They’re true leaders within their community, supporting Omaha’s small business community and making it sound like a great travel destination. Follow Hello Holiday on Instagram and check out their lively Facebook page.


Everyone would have clothing that make them feel like a fashion model!


Blog title derived from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical.

Life is Blossoming

So yeah, I’m the eccentric woman crouching in front of other people’s gardens these days.


Only my photo time stamp tells me I do this for 40 minutes or so. Ooops.


To me it feels like I only spend ten minutes snapping pretty petals.


Oh well, call me crazy, but seeing these blooms fills my heart with joy.


I’m not the only one anthromorphising flowers.


We had our first barefoot day in the park.


Though it was slightly too chilly to read for too long.


The air is filled with floral fragrance.


Dandelions are everywhere.


I chuckled at this outlier.


Maria Sibylla Merian was on the brain again.


What’s your favorite flower?


This one’s mine:


You can shop for pretty forget-me-nots on Etsy.


Here’s to a warm summer.


Savoring small blessings

I heart my life.

3hearts by Maike's Marvels

The past few weeks have been filled with planning and creating and pushing myself.


So it is good to step out and put life in perspective by inhaling the fragrant air and observing nature for a spell.

bliss by Maike's Marvels

New life is emerging throughout the neighborhood.


A day trip also reminded me of life outside of the Custer-preparation-zone. Sometimes you have to stop and savor a cupcake.

White Russian at Geneva's The Sugar Path

Along with taking goodies to go.

Geneva goodies from Peaceful Parlour and The Sugar Path

In ‘you are what you eat’-speak, it felt great to ‘be’ a Cowboy Pie on Memorial Day.

cowboy pie from Geneva's The Sugar Path

And an Irish Bomb.

Irish Bomb from Geneva's The Sugar Path

Unexpected and expected presents arrive at my doorstep.


Plus I wake up to this every morning.

Awakening Decal by Single Stone Studios

Life is really really good.

heartstringed by Maike's Marvels

In love with May flowers

The other day it was overcast, but I felt totally in love.


May certainly has my heart this year.


Sure, it requires allergy relief (I use the homeopathic Sabadil from Whole Foods), but I was ready to swoon at the sight of the vibrant colors and gorgeous flowers.


It was raining petals while birds were singing their songs.


Tulips lined up in wonderful color palettes.



The array made me think of the Efteling’s Fakir who makes the tulips grow.

tuliprow2 prettyinpink

Pops of yellow are everywhere.



Not to mention my favorite blue hue.



A snuggly friend walked with me for a spell.


I love these funky flowers.


Nature’s so vibrant it makes my heart swell.


Who knew looking at other people’s gardens could make me feel this way?


Even my coffee was feeling fern-y.


Thank you for tending your gardens, neighbors! 🙂

Season jitteriness

Changing seasons are very distracting to me. I am more sensitive to weather this year, getting antsy when the winds whip around the house at night, feeling pensive under grey skies, and becoming jittery on sunny days when spring is in bloom and birds are calling for mates.


Wednesday lured me outside with its summer weather, and it was fun to consider my flower photos research, since I often wonder whether the wire flowers that come out as pendants exist in real life. Now I can count petals and see what color my creations should be.


Back indoors I get antsy about upcoming summer shows, and am designing pieces that won’t melt in the sun. Just when you find your sweet spot you have to change it up again…


Which goes for life too. It doesn’t always turn out the way we expect, both in good and in bad ways. Monday and Tuesday were a respite from all the bad world news over the past month. It was refreshing to get caught up in the debate over the Dutch King’s song. Following and laughing about a heated debate over lyrics and music was just the right medicine to counteract all the other madness in the world.


I was glued to the monitor as the Royal Family toured the Ij River in Amsterdam, and enjoyed the highlights of Dutch culture along the way. Proving that they’re from my generation, it was lovely to watch Maxima’s eyes light up at Armin van Buuren’s appearance, and even cooler to watch the King act like a rock star by disembarking from the boat to get on stage with the DJ and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

So yeah, back in 1980 it was perfectly plausible to become a princess with 3 princes my age. But Willem-Alexander made a lovely choice and I am glad my life led me in other directions.


Between the temptation to rush outdoors into the sun and the internal debates over what to make and where to show my wares over the summer—and the nervousness that comes with that—each moment must be lived happily and fully, with the knowledge that we can only do the best we can with what we have where we are.


Enjoy the blooms this week!