Mixing and Matching wire jewelry

Late April and Early May were the times to showcase my Mother’s Day collection, and I had fun mixing and matching hearts with various earrings and outfits.


The baby blue striped pendant wandered about town with the new short dancing spirals earrings.


We had a particularly warm day the first week of May so I got my fun dress out and matched the lime green Mother’s Day Heart with the yellow sparkly bead earrings and bangle set.


Rainbow lovers can enjoy this polka-dotted heart that I wore with my popular double spiral earrings and a pink and green jade bangle.


Pink was a theme when the flowers started popping out and I had to showcase my new fuchsia flower collection. The scribble ball earrings are always a hit.


Scarf season slowly made its exit, and I sported Purple Wonder with my coiled wire earrings.


My wrap dress made an appearance at a social gathering, this time with the rainbow crystal clouds that I have in necklace pendant and scarf/belt pendant form.  I also showed off my mom’s bangle that day.


On a visit to the Kane County Flea Market I wore the wax and wire Premium Privilege pendant and the new greece-inspired square spiral earrings.


It is fun to rotate different combinations, and also realize which pieces I gravitate toward.


You can express your infinite love to your leading lady with a crystal embellished infinity symbol or the earrings that also have infinity shapes.


The day I had my hair dyed blue I wore matching beads to set off the new hue.


The Blue vibe continued with the new Delft Blue batch of pendants.


The round windmill wax and wire pendant against a backdrop of my favorite author’s books.


The little Dutch Girl looks great against pale yellow.


We recently had two summer-ish days on which I could get my sundress out, which I combined with a sculptural pedant and the short dancing spirals.


My Yellow Agate creations got a whiff of sweetness during NEW’s May Meet & Munch.


Go pick out your favorite wire-wrapped pendants, earrings, bangles and collar necklaces in my Etsy Shop.


It’s selfie time!

Whenever I do my Etsy shoots, I try to also wear the pieces out and about for a photo record of how they look in real life, like this blue beaded pendant, ring and earring set.


Sweaterdress season is almost over, and this jade stone collar looks great with knits.


It’s fun to mix and match pieces and add my ring collection to the fun. You can view my combinations in real time on Instagram. Pairing my infinite earrings with a coil bangle and an exquisite purple pendant  brightened up the dreary days, and I gave my wool sweater a touch of spring with the caged butterfly pendant and matching scribble ball earrings.


I am also playing with my necklace collection, and wore my grandmother’s gift with New World Symphony when I won tickets to the Evanston Symphony Orchestra during a #weLoveEvanston campaign.


Pictured here: Musical wax and wire pendant, violin clef earrings,
a custom birthstone bangle bracelet, a butterfly ring from Ayla’s Originals.

The weather is warming but you can always make a fashion statement with a scarf pendant! This one is made with a piece of vintage coral.


I wore the freshly listed double helix wax and wire pendant to the Textual Encounters opening, along with pink scribble ball earrings and a butterfly scarf pendant.


A pop of red is always fun. This musical heart is one of my first and favorite pieces, and I combined it with the coil earrings that are quite popular. My triangle pendants have found a few new homes, and any color is available. The smashed earrings have a life or their own.


When I did the Yacht walk-through for RAW, the long wire earrings got combined with a lime green mother’s day pendant, a bangle bracelet and rings from fellow Etsy vendors Jelene Britten Designs and alapop jewelry.


Check out my Etsy shop for more pieces and always wear your seatbelts! They make pendants look awesome.

Practicing the art of Selfies

Recently an article made the rounds that taking selfies is an indicator of narcissism, which made ponder my Pendants of the Day shoots.  Incidentally, as I typed ‘selfies’ my spell checker changed it to ‘selfless’, irony upon irony.


Infinite Rainbow Collar

I will cop to having a slight Facebook addiction, but that is also the primary means of communication with my overseas family. However, my intent with taking pictures of my Maraviglia is to show how they wear on a person in regular outings, not to plaster my face all over your screen.


Pink and Gold Butterfly wax and wire pendant with Swirly Pearls Earrings

It does take practice to get the right angle from arm’s length, and I am learning much about lighting, background, facial expressions and chin-posture as I shoot and reshoot my neck and shoulders. The intent is to focus on the jewelry though, and hopefully eventually I can have friends model them so different complexions and body types are represented.

Meconopsis with Double Spiral Earrings

So these are the pieces I wore out and about in the past month. My brother snapped me getting instructions from my other brother during an outing at which I wore a polkadot heart pendant with smashed abstract earrings.


The set that went to the Fixation Opening:

Coiled wire earrings, Whirls of Red, Red Swirl Collar and
the Chakra Bangle I have not listed yet.


I fully understand the compulsion in this media age to check likes and views and do occasionally question my ability to conjure up a fan base when compared to the artists I aspire to emulate. I was a wallflower in my youth, so seeing a numerical value to how many friends your peers have via social media must cause some pressure when you are still defining who you are.


The Spiral Collar visited Symphony’s with NEW
and also complimented my green floral dress.

Here’s to balance in all aspects of life, and using social media in moderation, without sacrificing other forms of socializing and quiet contemplation.


Maraviglia of the Month

I teased my Facebook Fans with pieces last week that haven’t made their way onto Etsy, but are being uploaded now.


I wore the pencil pendant out to NEW’s Women’s History Month event, along with Swirly earrings.


Green-ish pieces were featured on two occasions. I wore the turquoise-wrapped spiral earrings and the Knitter’s Delight scarf pendant to a St. Patrick’s Day Party (coat from Hello Holiday).


The Green Scribble Ball set enjoyed a pint during NEW’s Beer Women and Wellness (Bridgette Guerzon Mills’ Encaustic Art is in the background).


Maike’s Marvels’ Circulation collar helped inspire creativity on a studio day.


Coiled Earrings and the Flutterby wax and wire pendant perused the Encaustic Nature in Art show opening.


My Flower Cloud Pendant and Dancing earrings got complimented during Ayla’s Originals’ Annual Bead Show (headband created with a Princess Lasertron kit).


Mixing and matching pieces is fun, and I’d love to see some of these fly off to complement your wardrobe.


Dressy days

I’ve been living in my pajamas for most of the month, sloth that I am.


Abstract Earrings  and Sparkly Pink Butterfly Heart

However, I’ve had reason to go out on a few occasions which led me to mix and match some pieces.

JeanSquare Collar

Pop of Denim wire collar

Make them your own by popping over to Etsy.


Swirly Earrings and Red Sparkly Heart

Maraviglia of the month

It is always fun to come up with new combinations as I take my Maraviglia out and about.


Under Lock and Key wax and wire Pendant


Spiral collar necklace, double spiral earrings not yet listed.

At one recent fair I couldn’t resist a long beaded necklace and I am working on creating a ‘hook’ for it so my pendants can be attached to the decorative necklaces I am sure you have at home.

PODThyselfcomboKnow Thyself Wax and Wire Pendant

In turtleneck and sweaterdress season longer is better.


White Butterfly cage pendant

You can see more scarf pendants at Aurora Rose Boutique.


Knitter’s Delight Scarf Pendant

What is your favorite holiday adornment?


Draw Pendant currently at the Evanston Art Center EXPO

EAC collar

Blue Scribble Ball earrings, Double collar has sold.

Maraviglia out and about

Here are some Maraviglia I paraded around town recently (with numerous compliments).


Have you seen Hello Holiday’s Derica Dresses?


I can’t part with the double spiral earrings (YET!), but will replicate the pattern to list soon.


New earrings right off the anvil, ready for their Aurora Rose debut.


Painting Geneva red during a planning and pickup trip.


Feeling the Emerald vibe with Green with Honor and Aurora Rose designated Earrings.

Pendants of the Day/Week

I started posting pendants of the day to my personal Facebook page, which seems to be resonating with my friends. So I’m contemplating shifting that over to the fan page to see if a pendant of the day/week is something people like to see.

Clockwise: Seashells in the Waves,
Raffia Square,
Wrapped Boomerang
Womanly sculptural pendant

I enjoy picking out a piece to go with my outfit, and sometimes it even forces me to get dressed. I will admit that one of these shots is actually in a pajama top.


Clockwise: Sculptural collar necklace that has been dibbed,
but a similar one is here,
Curled Collar Necklace,
Four-petal Flower (part of this set), or
check out the wax and wire option, and
Funky Dance Moves which was purchased at Custer,
but Triple Dance Moves is over here.

I’m trying to decide what to wear to this evening’s barebecue. There is a wedding to go to soon, too. It sure is fun to have a lot of inventory to choose from. Please pick something for you to strut around with!

Clockwise: Sparkly heart,
Ballsy Collar and Earrings Set with Cuff,
Sparkly Rainbow Square,
Bling-a-Ring which was purchased at Custer and has no sibling, and
Green Scribble Balls Earrings and Collar Set with a knotty bracelet/cuff (coming soon to Etsy).

What colors do you want to see these pendants with?
Remember that I have pieces at Aurora Rose in Lemont as well, which will be hosting its Cruise Night this evening.