Sidewalk Sale fun

It is interesting to see how different pockets of Evanston participate in the Sidewalk Sale. Last year I had a blast with See Jane Sparkle on Chicago and Dempster, where the Sidewalk Sale is a big event. This year I learned that on Sherman Avenue in Downtown Evanston, the participating merchants are less concentrated.

I set up a table in front of the Evanston Pop Up Gallery to help boost their recent grand opening.

Several of the other resident artists popped in and out throughout the day, and it was nice to get to know each of them better and learn more about their chosen art forms and lives.


Steve made some adjustments to the window display and goofed around.

Pop Up Pat paid a visit.

On Sunday I strolled the Chicago Dempster corner which was full of bargains.

I met friends at Bagel Art Cafe and enjoyed a lox bagel.

Then I strolled by Ayla’s temptations, but didn’t linger since I had a table to be at.

I took a selfie with Wonder Woman at The Other Brother cafe.

It was good to see the signage directing people around the giant Fountain Square construction zone.

My table had already been pulled out, and I had more fun conversations with fellow artists.

Pop Up Gallery owner Sally Beach had just been featured in Evanston Woman Magazine.


While foot traffic wasn’t as heavy as the Sidewalk Sale last year, we still had several people pop by and the store itself gets great traffic.

I left a Howlite set to be featured by Steve on Pop Up Television.

The window changes each week with new offers.

Over the month I made several sales, a few in person as I popped in.

It is nice to see the positive response to this unique gift boutique.

Before long the second day was done, and the balloons also lost steam.

Pop in and see my shelf, as updates keep happening.

A video interview is in the works.

You can find all kinds of art work at varying price points here, some with the bonus of smelling delicious. The Evanston Pop Up Gallery is located at 1627 Sherman Avenue in Evanston, and open 7 days a week.

Evanston Sidewalk Sale pop up

This weekend is the annual Evanston Sidewalk sale. Retailers along the Main-Dempster Mile and in Downtown Evanston will be setting up tables in front of their businesses for a communal sale and art fest.

Local artists have been invited to be a part of the action in downtown Evanston. Stroll down Sherman Ave. between Church St. and Davis St., to check out jewelry, accessories, children’s clothing and more! Artists will display their wares in downtown Evanston on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

The brand-new Evanston Pop up Gallery will be participating as well, and I plan on being there with some of my extra pieces in addition to what the two shelves inside hold.  

The 1200 block of Sherman is close to many lovely eateries and unique shops. Downtown Evanston will have a giveaway on their Instagram feed, and some restaurants will have special discounts that weekend.

As artists we are limited on discounting our creations, but we hope you stop by anyway to get to know this shop and get some gift-shopping done. You will find gifts at a variety of price points, and new products keep being added each week.

On Saturday, July 29, Downtown Evanston and Main-Dempster Mile are providing free entertainment. Stop by 1603 Orrington Plaza (outside of LYFE Kitchen) to enjoy big games and music.

Street musicians Chicago Traffic Stop will make stops near delicious venues at: 1603 Orrington Plaza, Frio Gelato (517 Dempster St.), Blind Faith (525 Dempster St.), Cultivate (704 Main St.) and The Wine Goddess (702 Main St.). Beaches will play outside of yummy Hoosier Mama (749 Chicago Ave.) and the School of Rock Evanston will rock out in the parking next to their building at 1311 Sherman Ave.

Catch a free ride on a pedicab on Saturday, July 29, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. special thanks to First Bank & Trust. Pedi-cabs will take shoppers from downtown Evanston to Main Street and Dempster Street, making stops in each district. The pedicabs are first come, first serve and do not have specific pick-up or drop-off times. They’ll hang out for a bit to see if there is a pick-up.

  • Church Street and Maple Avenue, across from Terra & Vine
  • Chicago Avenue and Grove Street, at Raymond Park
  • Dempster Street and Chicago Avenue, near Stumble & Relish
  • Chicago Avenue and Kedzie Street, outside Hoosier Mama

I had a blast last year with Sara Jane at See Jane Sparkle, and highly recommend shuttling back and forth between the various stops to see what vendors are looking to send to new homes.

The Evanston Sidewalk Sale is accessible via public transit. To get to downtown Evanston take the CTA Purple Line “el” to Davis or the Metra to the Davis stop, to get to the Chicago/Dempster district take The CTA Purple Line “el” to Dempster or Main or the Metra to the Main stop.

Angel will be happy to pose for selfies with you.

Art + Wine pop-up gallery

Following Artruck, I was looking forward to my own pop-up gallery experience. I passed the morning observing dragonflies by the lake, and then made my way downtown to pick up Jason and his work, after which we began setting up at Paola’s Vinum.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

I claimed a table while the group divvied up the display walls Jason loaned us, and we were pleased with how everything came together.

While our group has a diverse range of personalities, there was a cohesiveness to themes and painting styles.

Paola helped us ease the pre-show jitters by pouring Cava, to which we toasted.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

We also sampled appetizers.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

Wine is also available by the bottle.

Before long, people began perusing the show, and we enjoyed chatting with them about techniques, our art, and their artistic forays.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

Piotr’s landscapes were perused by many.

Field in Maine After the Storm and Summer Evening in Galena 
by Piotr Wolodkowicz

Brett’s work had me reviewing the old masters at home.

Spring, copies after Rembrandt (Old Man with a Black Hat and Gorget), Sir Gerald Kelly (the blue lady-not sure of true title), Leonardo Da Vinci (La Belle Ferronière), and Vermeer (Painter in his Studio) by Brett Edenton

It was lovely to see Jason’s Triptych as a whole. He also has giclee prints available.

Time in Three Parts and The Shell by Jason McPhillips,
with Showgirl by Christina Caruso

Christina’s portraits spanned from the historic to a more modern perspective.

Christina Caruso’s Death Mask, and select landscape paintings

Pearls were also represented in Jennifer’s work.

Squash, Precious, Female Nude Study and Male Nude Study by Jennifer Yang

In spite of my nerves, the response to my work was positive, too, and a few more people are eager to try encaustics.

It truly was a lovely evening.


It is such a pleasure getting to know the artistic community in Chicagoland. On Friday evening, I walked over to Artruck. Hosted by a resident of Ashland avenue, two trucks were embellished with strings of lights, and select local artists were invited to display their work.

It was a block party that spanned two U-Haul trucks.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

First I perused Cindy Jevon’s encaustic work.

Art work by Cindy Jevon

There were prints, paintings and fabric art. The full list of participating artists is here. This piece by Gerry Macsai is a stunner.

Art work by Gerry Macsai

Small canvases were strung along.

Paintings by Alice Dubois 

Another neighbor brought endless supplies of wonderful breads into his Bread Car.

I sampled the onion bread, since the rosemary bread was all gone. There was apple pie with a fabulous crust, cookies with roasted nuts in them, and date and pecan bread. I also heard there was a chocolate-berry version but by that time I was too stuffed.

At night it was a lovely scene.

After taking another spin through the trucks with friends, we cut through the alley to visit Cindy at her PerficalSense Studio.

She was finishing hanging Magdalena Lis’ work, which will be on display through the end of the month.

The show is called Dreams and Memories, and features mixed- media paintings and linocuts.

While sipping wine we talked of the joy of art making, the beauty of Magdalena’s work, and the new adventures of artist friends.

This art work by Danny Mansmith is for sale at PerficalSense

It was a lovely evening, and I am glad I fought my fatigue for this comfortable gathering.

Anticipating my first pop-up

We’re busily preparing for the upcoming Pop-Up show Paola’s Vinum is hosting on Saturday. Jennifer Yang curated the show and selected the five of us from the Chicago Painters and Artists’ Group to display our work for one night only. We will bring our art pieces to Paola’s Vinum, 328 S. Jefferson St., Chicago, IL 60661 and you can peruse them between 5 and 10 p.m. on June 2.

Who can say no to chatting with up-and-coming Chicago artists while sipping on Spanish wines?

Pop-up Gallery June 2, 2012 in Chicago

I met Piotr Wolodkowicz at the Ravenshood Art Walk, and saw his beautiful Portrait of Trees show at the Athenaeum Theatre in December. As someone who looks up into treetops all the time, I could relate to those large pieces depicting vibrant trees.

He states: “My paintings start with a color idea and than I develop the composition in which the color is the primary subject. My art reflects my experiences and feelings. Balance, vibrancy and simplicity are my primary goals which I try to achieve through landscape and plain air paintings. My work romanticizes places that might not seem noteworthy but are beautiful in those short moments when they exist.”

Piotr was raised in Poland and has traveled the middle east, Europe and parts of Africa. He has had a solo exhibits at various places in Chicago, including the Ukrainian Museum.

Brett Edenton hosted our Art Share event at his lovely studio. He hosts open studios with live models on a regular basis, and I am curious to see his selection of portraits and still lifes.

A peek in Brett Edenton’s studio in February

Jennifer Yang has immersed herself in studying painting for the past few years. I’ve seen her draw at the Digital Art Demo, and look forward to seeing her paintings of figures and still life objects. She works with oil and traditional mediums, focusing on naturalism. She draws her inspiration from literature and film, and “plans to eat lots of Spanish tortillas at the event!” When not painting, she likes to read and write.

Jennifer Yang’s sketch-in-progress during the Digital Art Demo

I saw Jason McPhillips’  work at the Art Share event and was drawn to his Time triptych that seemed as three-dimensional as a real shadow box. He also “creates drawings, paintings, and sculpture based on the close study of nature.”

“Beginning his creative career as an aspiring filmmaker, an intensive period of drawing storyboards eventually gave rise to an obsession with painting. Jason’s art seeks to draw attention to the mysteries that surround us, from the play of light to the manifestation of form in space.”

“Recently relocated from the Rocky Mountains, Jason is enjoying the rich cultural environment and social opportunities afforded by life in Chicago. He is looking forward to the evening’s introduction to Spanish food and wines, as he will be traveling to Spain this September.”

Jason McPhillips’ Praeteritus at Art Share

Christina Caruso was painting alongside Jennifer at the Digital Art Demo, and was very forthcoming in explaining her process with me as I admired her travel-ready oil paint set-up. I look forward to learning more about her and her work at the show.

I’m very excited to be part of a pop-up gallery with these talented painters, and look forward to learning more about Spanish wines as well. Join us on Saturday!