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First Hike in Waterfall Glen

Before my Cruise Night excursion (every Wednesday in Lemont through August), I revisited Waterfall Glen to explore the trail further. Last time I only had 20 minutes, which wasn’t long enough to experience this Prairie Gem just an hour from Chicago. So I decided to take 3 hours before my appointment at Aurora Rose to […]

Emily Oaks Critters

Summer is a bit late in starting, but I was able to get my critter cam out last week. (Yeah it’s the same camera for everything else, just different models in front of it during summer). Here are some favorite snapshots from Emily Oaks Nature Preserve, a minuscule preserve in Skokie that lets me get […]

In love with May flowers

The other day it was overcast, but I felt totally in love. May certainly has my heart this year. Sure, it requires allergy relief (I use the homeopathic Sabadil from Whole Foods), but I was ready to swoon at the sight of the vibrant colors and gorgeous flowers. It was raining petals while birds were […]

Season jitteriness

Changing seasons are very distracting to me. I am more sensitive to weather this year, getting antsy when the winds whip around the house at night, feeling pensive under grey skies, and becoming jittery on sunny days when spring is in bloom and birds are calling for mates. Wednesday lured me outside with its summer […]

Roses upon roses

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.” ~ Ben Hogan “How cunningly nature hides every wrinkle of her inconceivable antiquity under roses and violets and morning dew!” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson    “Everything’s coming up roses – for me.” ~ Ethel […]

A walk through Ryerson Woods

When I lived in Arizona, I was spoiled with the beauty of national parks within a few hours’ drive. Moving to the Illinois prairie I didn’t expect anything spectacular from nature. However, every time I visit a new nature preserve or park, I am pleasantly surprised. I use Illinois State Parks: A Guide to Illinois State […]


Judging by the neighborhood, it’s time to swing by the rose garden one of these days.  First I have to wrap another deadline though. Yesterday evening’s walk was nice. The neighborhood Comma decided to seek higher branches to sunbathe on, but Admirals still like the pavement. This one let me snap a few shots. The […]

Butterfly sightings

I have a personal mission. In April I participated in Coffee, Cameras and Chrysalides at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and as I perused the showcase of local butterflies, I noted the ones I want to see in person. The Buckeye and Red Admiral crossed my path last year, but this year I added these […]


“Once there was a tree…” ~ Shel Silverstein in The Giving Tree Speaking of books and letterpress, the Botanic Garden had some lovely works on display in their library this weekend, tying it back to the Block Museum Exhibit I visited recently. I drove there to see Treewhispers, a special exhibit that ends April 8. […]