It’s selfie time!

Whenever I do my Etsy shoots, I try to also wear the pieces out and about for a photo record of how they look in real life, like this blue beaded pendant, ring and earring set.


Sweaterdress season is almost over, and this jade stone collar looks great with knits.


It’s fun to mix and match pieces and add my ring collection to the fun. You can view my combinations in real time on Instagram. Pairing my infinite earrings with a coil bangle and an exquisite purple pendant  brightened up the dreary days, and I gave my wool sweater a touch of spring with the caged butterfly pendant and matching scribble ball earrings.


I am also playing with my necklace collection, and wore my grandmother’s gift with New World Symphony when I won tickets to the Evanston Symphony Orchestra during a #weLoveEvanston campaign.


Pictured here: Musical wax and wire pendant, violin clef earrings,
a custom birthstone bangle bracelet, a butterfly ring from Ayla’s Originals.

The weather is warming but you can always make a fashion statement with a scarf pendant! This one is made with a piece of vintage coral.


I wore the freshly listed double helix wax and wire pendant to the Textual Encounters opening, along with pink scribble ball earrings and a butterfly scarf pendant.


A pop of red is always fun. This musical heart is one of my first and favorite pieces, and I combined it with the coil earrings that are quite popular. My triangle pendants have found a few new homes, and any color is available. The smashed earrings have a life or their own.


When I did the Yacht walk-through for RAW, the long wire earrings got combined with a lime green mother’s day pendant, a bangle bracelet and rings from fellow Etsy vendors Jelene Britten Designs and alapop jewelry.


Check out my Etsy shop for more pieces and always wear your seatbelts! They make pendants look awesome.

Maike’s Maraviglia out and about

I’ve been enjoying the weather and nature so much that promoting my jewelry has been backburnered a bit. But you’ll see me wear and can peruse fun pieces at NEW’s Crain’s Small Business Week Event on Wednesday. My Chakra Bangle and Twinsy Dancing Spirals are with me most often.


The Morpho Butterfly wax and wire pendant is looking forward to fluttering into someone else’s home.


This baby blue beaded collar set from the Bead & Button Show will pop up on Etsy after the Ravenswood ArtWalk. I’m eager to make more with my newly acquired beads.


With October marking the last quarter of the year, it is also time to start thinking about Holiday orders. Musical pieces like Christmas Carols on ornaments are popuplar.


My German deliveries tend to take a full month through customs, so I will need to ship those off by mid-November. So if you live overseas, message me now with Holiday gift ideas and I will work them into the studio schedule. I’ll be infinitely grateful for the early notice. This infinity rainbow collar and the coiled earrings make me happy every day.


Collars and Earrings can be custom sized. The Curled Collar and ovalish earrings made a trip to REI with me. I’m loving Dragonfly Collections‘ plum sweater for fall.


The blue Crystal wax and wire pendant garners much admiration when I wear it out.


And on my visit to the Bahá’í House of Worship for North America the Waves Earrings came along for some beachy time.


Come try these on in person at Meet, Munch & Mastermind at Shannon’s Irish Pub, 428 North Main St, Glen Ellyn, IL from 1- 6 on Wednesday, October 8.



Pendants of the Summer

I haven’t been taking many jewelry selfies lately, though I always get compliments on the Maraviglia I am wearing.


Earlier this summer I wore Blessed are you among Women out paired with my favorite twinsy spirals.


At NEW’s anniversary party I wore my bangles, which pretty much go with all my outfits and can be custom-ordered.


The Make by Megan K. dress was combined with my Amazonite collar and swirly pearls at my trunk show.


Aurora Rose has a set for sale, which you can view here:

At other NEW events I wore Orange You Dancing with Smashed Earrings and a brown version of this green wax and wire triangle along with another set of abstract earrings.


On a sunny day I adorned my lace sundress with a wax and wire butterfly and the smashed earrings.


The other day I opted for just earrings and no necklace with this purple wire-wrapped pair that hasn’t been listed yet.


Message me if you are interested.


I felt the need for some inner peace one day and paired blue scribble ball earrings with this wax and wire peace symbol pendant. In the background is the jellyfish lamp from Peaceful Parlour.


I wore the lace dress to Evanston’s Lakeshore Art Fest with a caged feather butterfly similar to this one and added the pink scribble ball earrings.


Check out my Etsy store and see which piece would make a great adornment for you or someone you love.


I also make custom pieces year-round for any occasion.

New Additions at Aurora Rose Boutique

After Saturday’s fair I swung by Aurora Rose Boutique to stock up some Holiday inventory. The Network of Entrepreneurial Women is stopping by at 2 p.m. today for its combined November gathering so I wanted to give our attendees some pieces to peruse for our pre-holiday shopping spree.


Kim had asked me about scarf pendants a while back, and I finally got to make a few (after learning more about them).


Requests for Christmas ornaments have also been made already, so I provided a batch of those. I am taking custom orders for these now.


I spruced up my shelf with a little Christmas tree.


Since Kim was drawn to a few of the pendants while at the fair I decided to leave those with her too.


The birthstone project inspired me to spruce up some collars that felt a bit blah to me. Sometimes you have to let pieces sit for a while before knowing what to do with them.


So my infinity collar got an infinity rainbow and the oval cage is now holding semiprecious stones.


It is always such fun to visit the store and see the new quirky items in stock. My wallet is anticipating a slim-down, but it will go toward supporting other artisans and give me a head start on the Christmas shopping list.


Aurora Rose, A Unique Boutique is a gallery-style boutique featuring the wares of the most magnificent locally handcrafted businesses found in the Chicagoland area. Founded in 2011 and owned by mother-daughter duo Kim and Amber Peters, the store offers diverse handcrafted products including soaps, lotions, candles, baby blankets, jewelry, fairy dolls, parasols, wall and home decor, greeting cards, hair adornments, children’s clothes, stuffed animals, quirky decorative items, handbags, doll clothes and select food products. These one-of-a-kind and customizable pieces are created by 36 vendors, 28 of whom are female owned (this number may have been boosted since the November fair at which more artisans were recruited). Aurora Rose also offers art classes on a regular basis.


Aurora Rose Boutique is located at at 111 Stephen Street in Lemont, IL. Today’s event is open to any woman entrepreneur or business woman in the area, so stop on in! Store hours are Monday: 11am-7pm, Tuesday: 9am-4pm, Wednesday: 11am-7pm, Thursday: 11am-7pm, Friday: 11am-6pm, Saturday: 11am-5pm, Sunday: closed.

Lemont visits Nov. 9 and 13

On Saturday I will be selling my wares at the Lemont Neighbor to Neighbor Vendor & Crafter’s Market. The indoor show is from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the Lemont Township Community Center, 16300 Alba, Lemont, northwest of 127th Street and Timberline Drive.


Several independent vendors and crafters will showcase free trade items, jewelry, cosmetics, crafts, health foods, purses, 
accessories and more. There will also be a 50/50/Prize Raffle. The vendor reservation fees as well as any donations made that day will benefit the Lemont Township Family Assistance Fund.


I’ve created some new pieces that will debut at this event, including scarf pendants.


You can see how my holiday ornaments turned out (these need a bit of encaustic love).


I’ll make another trip to Lemont on Wednesday, November 13 with the Network of Entrepreneurial Women for our Meet & Munch. This is our only event this month since we don’t want to encroach on Thanksgiving plans.


Join us from 2 to 4 p.m. at 111 Stephen Street in Lemont and try on my jewelry.


We will have munchies from Tastefully Simple and get a head start on holiday shopping at Aurora Rose, which has gift items for the whole family. You can peruse their inventory for ladies, children, and men on their web site.


You can RSVP here. Lemont is fun!

Maraviglia out and about

Here are some Maraviglia I paraded around town recently (with numerous compliments).


Have you seen Hello Holiday’s Derica Dresses?


I can’t part with the double spiral earrings (YET!), but will replicate the pattern to list soon.


New earrings right off the anvil, ready for their Aurora Rose debut.


Painting Geneva red during a planning and pickup trip.


Feeling the Emerald vibe with Green with Honor and Aurora Rose designated Earrings.

The comings and goings of Maraviglia

I’m in the process of loading new pieces onto Etsy, a sampling of which is provided here:


New in my Etsy store, with more to come!

There are more to be loaded, and of course a lot more to be made! Etsy lovers who have favorited some pieces might notice a few mark-downs as well. I went through it pretty quickly so I can’t tell you the ones I changed, but you might want to poke around the store and check out the summer sale of $5 to $10 permanent discounts.


Aurora Rose Boutique showcases my pieces so well

Aurora Rose Boutique in Lemont, IL, the wonderful store with numerous handcrafted gift items at affordable prices  also has new pieces on hand.


New inventory at Aurora Rose Boutique in Lemont, IL.

Meanwhile, several Maraviglia have found a good home. Bling-a-Ring is now proudly owned by my friend and original encaustics instructress Cindy.


Bling-a-Ring has a new owner

Funky Dance Moves will enjoy the beauty of Jason McPhillips’ paintings and his lovely wife, Jennifer Jarland, since it went to live with them.


Our Custer Booth photo courtesy

My friend and health care consultant Karen will don new earrings, while strangers took home a ‘Hershey’s Kiss’, and a variety of earrings (including a pair I had just made for my dress and not yet photographed).


Custer Fair sales to strangers

Helix and Esther Receives Favor were snapped up on Etsy earlier this summer, and I love being added to treasuries and “favorited”.

Etsy sold

Some Etsy love, always appreciated

I also enjoy making custom pieces with meaningful quotes, special shapes and favorite colors for those who are interested. Shop Etsy now or message me to order your favorite piece. Additional discounts get snuck into my monthly newsletter that you can sign up for via this link.


Pop-up anticipation

Tonight I get to nosh on delicious The Sugar Path Cupcakes again.

The Sugar Path cupcakes

Meanwhile the last few days were spent preparing cords to go with the pendants.


I’m also toying around with various display ideas for the summer fair.


It’s fun to think about branding.

display option

Tonight’s setup will be like last time, though. Oh, and the Etsy store will be ‘on vacation’ while I am out today. It will re-open tomorrow.

pop-up tray

Wishing you a lovely week. I hope to see you in Geneva this evening!

Bending wire and the mind

Wow, it’s Friday already? Congratulations! Give yourself a round of applause for living the best week you could possibly have. It is all meant to be, and you’ve done your best.

Creativity Explosion at Maike's Marvels

Creativity in action at Maike’s Marvels

Yesterday was an immersion in Bento learning. It should be a handy program once I have figured out how to import my spreadsheets and link them. Looking at the forms had me flashing back to grad school exercises in Access.

Bento Learning

 Entering collages was the easy part

I’ve also been hammering and fusing away in the studio and will be working on pendant descriptions and pricing for Etsy today.

nekkid Maraviglia pieces

Ready to get dressed Maraviglia pieces

If you’re a Facebook fan you can check out the ‘for dibs’ album. Pipe up in the comments if you want me to hold a piece for you, they’ll be open to the wide world of Etsy early next week.

Etsy Pics for Maraviglia upload

Wax and wire pendant glamour shots for Etsy

Meanwhile, I hope it’s sunny and bright where you are. Here it is deceptively so. We still need winter coats to shield ourselves from wind and frostiness.

Frosty Tot Lot

Snow, snow go away…

Have a fantastic weekend!

Easter on the brain


The other day I pulled a Bible page and created a new pendant.

Faith wax and wire pendant by Maike's Marvels

I placed the text I wanted to remain legible on the back of the pendant. Do you agree or would you want your favorite verse to be on the front, even if a wire embellishment obscures the text?

Faith wax and wire pendant back

Then I realized the front wasn’t a happy passage, so I covered it up with the message the pendant is supposed to convey.

Faith wax and wire pendant front

This week I realized Easter is nigh, so I am playing with additional passages near the page I tore out.

Risen verses series

So many possibilities! Stay tuned for what these wires turn into… 🙂