Creativity at Creative Coworking

My last pop-up in May was a set-up for Evanston Made Month at Creative Coworking.

The May-June Art & Wine Night featured macro photography art by Ross Martens and vibrant paintings by Laura Engel.

I set up a booth in a conference room, complemented by artwork created by Greg Palmer.

As usual, art appreciators came to converse about the work.

Laura showed off one of my favorite pendants, which she bought before the reception began. 🙂

Who doesn’t love rainbow druzy?

I chatted with wonderful Evanstonians throughout the evening.

It was fun to try out the new vases created by Everlasting Fire Studio just for me.

The Creative Coworking Art & Wine Nights always feature nibbles.

I liked the shadow games my pieces were playing.

It is always good to have extra product shots for the webshop (which is undergoing repair).

A few pieces found new homes.

And in time for pride month I was able to give Angela her rainbow safety pin commission.

It was a lovely evening, and I look forward to the next rotation of art in the front lobby.

My butterflies have moved to the third floor of Creative Coworking to make room for Virginia Kondziolka’s beautiful pieces downstairs.

This is my favorite Engel.

You can view this exhibit until the end of the month as part of Evanston Made.

People photos courtesy Creative Coworking

Ravenswood ArtWalk 2012

It’s been a month of milestones. Last year I met a new Meetup Group at the Ravenshood ArtWalk, which has proven to be such a lovely community. This year we didn’t coordinate a group outing, but I enjoyed revisiting the ArtWalk on my own.

The Ravenswood ArtWalk kicks off Chicago Artists Month, and showcases fine art, hand-made crafts and performance art in local businesses and galleries along Ravenswood and Sunnyside Avenues between Irving Park and Lawrence Avenues.

Surprisingly, finding parking on the Ravenswood street was easy, and there is street parking around the block as well. The Brown Line puts you in the midst of the festivities when you get off at Montrose. I saw Metra tracks, but am not sure where you would get off from that train.

I followed the sound of music to the Street Fair, where bands were playing all day long, and impromptu dances were part of the entertainment.

 Inside the Artist Tent, I saw my friend Christina Caruso.

I purchased some earrings from another vendor and smiled at the creative jewelry, prints and paintings, the mini-terrariums, pottery, hats, and other crafts in the booths. This tent was a high traffic area throughout the day.

Further down the block, around the corner, I perused the Artist Gallery, where Christina’s painting was a centerpiece.

Navona by Christina Caruso

I also bumped into an encaustic work by an artist I hadn’t met yet.

Cecil by Brad Hook

As I meandered into various galleries I couldn’t help but marvel at the creativity of people and their patience and dedication in creating their unique works of art. A bonus was that a few commented on the pendant I was wearing, a wax and wire creation I’ll be making more of for the Christmas Holiday.

Wax and Wire  pendant by Maike’s Marvels

I rounded a corner to visit Lillstreet Art Center, where I posed as a slice of pie.

Knowing what a good cause First Slice serves, I decided on a slice of Chocolate Mint pie for lunch.

Then I meandered upstairs to visit Rebecca Zemans and peruse her latest creations.

There was a lovely vintage clothing store along the way to other galleries, and I was tempted to try on some hats for my Facebook profile picture, but since no one was with me to capture the fun, I refrained. I now know where to obtain fascinators and other headwear going forward, however.

Wandering on, I had a lovely chat with Brad Hook. I had seen his work at a recent FUSEDChicago exhibit, so it was nice to meet the man behind the art, and talk about techniques, encaustic experimentation, and upcoming exhibits.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back in the neighborhood to take an art class at Lillstreet and lunch at Spacca Napoli for the Creativity for Business Day. Tickets are still available here.

Art Share February

Saturday was a lovely day. The sun was out, I did some reading about artists, and then stepped out for a journal-making demo. It was surprisingly simple, but I am holding off on supplies until I take a bookbinding class later this spring.

Art History reading

Being in a crafty mood, I perused Tom Thumb where I had such fun observing children discovering the store. The exclamations of “Look at this!” and “I want to make this!” filled me with joy.

That evening I attended the Chicago Painters and Artists’ Group Art Share.

Art Share Work

Works shared during Art Share

About 20 of us gathered at Edenton Studios where we perused the varied work of a few artists.

Edenton Studios Chicago

Edenton Studios

Brett Edenton recently moved into his bright and spacious studio, and creates portraits (human and canine) and still lifes with oils and charcoal. He also hones his trade by copying the works of masters.

Brett Edenton shares his work

Brett Edenton introduces us to his work

Brett Edenton's paintings and drawings

Oil paintings by Brett Edenton 

Edenton Studios will host open studio sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings in April.

I brought a few pieces too.

Maike's Marvels collages

Civic Center submissions by Maike’s Marvels

Shane Zimmer described himself as an occasional painter who strives to find a balance between representational and abstract motifs.

Shane Zimmer oil painting

Oil painting by Shane Zimmer

Brave Rhonda Goldstein brought pieces she had never shown outside of her home before and invited comments on a painting she had just started. We had a lovely conversation about drawing the balance between the materials we have on hand with discovering new mediums and embarking on a new collection of art supplies.

Rhonda Goldstein collages

Collages and oil paintings by Rhonda Goldstein

Started in September last year by Jennifer Yang, the Chicago Painters and Artists’ Group has grown to 100 members in 5 months. The group’s mission is to share resources and support each other as fellow artists, since we often tend to work alone.

MeetUp description
Sharing the vision and goals of the group

Upcoming events will include learning more about art materials, a digital art workshop, more art shares and art challenges such as plein air painting, or theme-based works.

sharing portfolios

Discussing our work, the artist’s life and the joy of creation at Art Share

Marina Muze shared some lovely digitally drawn illustrations for a children’s book she is working on. She also creates murals, which weren’t as easy to transport.

Marina Muzychenko Illustrations

Digital illustrations for a children’s book by Marina Muze

Tony Brown brought in a selection of his handmade jewelry.

Tony Brown Jewelry

Jewelry by Tony Brown

Jason McPhillips brought in one of a three-panel series based on past, present and future that each incorporate the elements of black, red and white. He likes to see what impressions people bring to the piece.

Jason Past oil painting

“Past” by Jason McPhillips

talking about David's work at Art Share

Perusing Art Share’s art works

David discussed the difference between working on-screen and then printing his work out. His work is based on photo references and hand-drawn on a tablet.

David Spjut's Digital Art

Hand-drawn digital art by David

Piotr Wolodkowicz, whose work was also too big to transport, announced his upcoming gallery opening event, which will be held February 25 from 8 to 11 pm with Lewis Rice, Alan Emerson and Kathryn Gauthiers in Ravenswood through Phantom Galleries.

mingling at Art Share

Mingling at Art Share 

Sharing is daring is caring. It was a fun evening of bonding, making new connections, and being inspired and uplifted by fellow artists. I’m excited about the next event.