Lemont’s Neighbor to Neighbor Fair

On Saturday, All Saint’s Day, I’ll be heading to Lemont for a half-day pop-up. The 7th Annual Lemont Township Neighbor to Neighbor Vendor/Crafter Market will be held on Saturday, November 1st from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Lemont Township Community Center (located NW of the Timberline Drive & 127th Street intersection).


I was part of this fair last year and was impressed with the variety of businesses represented. The Vendor/Crafter Market was created to provide an opportunity for those in our community to browse through the many products and crafts that are locally available and created, and to raise funds for the Lemont Township Family Assistance Fund, helping neighbors in need.


A 50/50 raffle will raise additional funds to benefit the Lemont Township Family Assistance Fund, which provides emergency assistance for households in crisis.  Funds have been awarded to assist with unpayable bills or prescriptions.


I look forward to seeing what pieces customers snap up this year. Early October proved to be a head start of holiday shopping to some with ornaments flying off at the Ravenswood ArtWalk.


Earrings and pendants were popular too.


I garnered some custom orders that week and enjoyed making presents for customers’ loved ones.


I will see you at 16300 Alba Street in Lemont IL 60439 Saturday morningEtsy will be closed that day, but fully operational the rest of the month.


Emergency Vehicle Night in Lemont

Last Wednesday The Network of Entrepreneurial Women met in Lemont to peruse Emergency Vehicle Night.


Organized by Lemont Legends, Cruise Nights are held during the summer on Wednesday evenings in Downtown Historic Lemont.


We gathered at Aurora Rose Boutique for some small talk and browsing.


Megan K’s dress also had an EMS theme.


We then decided to have a beer at a local pub, since the weather called for it.


At Nick’s Tavern, we also opted for burgers, which we could have split.


After dinner, we browsed all the vehicles Lemont had to offer.


The main attraction were the fire trucks.



Other cars also gleamed in the evening sun.



Police vehicles, old and new, rounded out the event.



It is a fun and informative outing for families, so mark your calendar for next year’s series of events.


NEW’s next event will be the September annual retreat in White Pines, Oregon IL. Join us as we recharge in the woods with restorative walks, campfire chats and cozy cabin conversations about business, life and health.


Trunk Show Fun

Before the Independence Day festivities I had some fun at Aurora Rose Boutique.


Mannequins were adorned with my pieces.


I might play with a scarf pendant necklace in the Fall.


I set up for my trunk show there with a pretty and whimsical view.


Having extra surfaces to display my wares was nice, as well as not having to worry about the weather.



I’ve amassed quite a few pendants now, and hope to see more explore the world with new owners.



I accessorized my Make by Megan K. Dress with a Hello Kitty Ring, Rock-A-Ring, and Spiced Up Shoes.


Other vendors came in to restock their wares, and I became enamored with these crochet animals from The Happy Star.


Luckily I was too busy to pull out my wallet, but the Octopi might get a cuddle and a ride home next month.


Kim provided tasty treats by Tastefully Simple.


I met fellow vendors, new Maraviglia fans, and friends during the afternoon, and enjoyed seeing a few adornments go home with new owners.


Kim was happy with the custom Scarf pendant I made, featuring the story and music score of Aurora Rose, or Sleeping Beauty as most of us know her.


I enjoyed the inspiration of other vendors.



And am pondering the projected survival rate of a terrarium with my no-green thumbs.


My July inventory is freshened up.


With a few new scarf pendants and necklace pendants. Detailed photos of the ones I left are here.


The next #AuroraRoseTrunkShow will be held on July 26th with A&Z Designs, a must for steampunk fans. Join Al & Zivi for a demonstration, meet and greet, and check out their handcrafted jewelry, hand-stamped metals and steam-punk inspired pieces.


Always shop local and handmade. It is so much more gratifying to own one-of-a-kind pieces and know you supported someone in your neighborhood.


NOTE: Only vendors already registered with Aurora Rose can have trunk shows there.

Trunk Show Tagging

This week I am busy tagging my pieces for the Aurora Rose Trunk Show on Saturday.


Originally I printed tags because I had to tag hundreds of pieces, but now it is more convenient to handwrite them on pre-punched jewelry tags.


Branding is a constant evolution, especially when different boutiques and shows have different tagging requirements.


Older pieces are also getting a refreshed coat of Renaissance Wax to protect them from the elements.


I am looking forward to perusing the store’s new items, as new vendors and inventory are constantly added.


Aurora Rose Boutique just had an awning facelift.


I look forward to wearing this dress by Megan K. It was lovely to meet Megan at the Custer Street Fair last weekend.


There will be swag bags for the 10 first #AuroraRoseTrunkShow customers.


Owner Kim Peters will also be making deliciousness from Tastefully Simple, yummy Beer Bread and Spinach and Herb Dip which I sampled with NEW, and Iced Red Rooibos Tiesta Tea.


I look forward to interacting with Lemont’s finest (because anyone visiting Aurora Rose has great taste!).


There is so much creativity in this store!


Historic Lemont also hosts the Lemont Legends Cruise Nights, which NEW will attend in August, but are ongoing every Wednesday until the end of August.


A new acquisition serves as a nod to the fairy tale and movie.


Tomorrow I’ll be learning more about branding in our group’s session on How To Brag. Hopefully I’ll put that to good use on Saturday.



Overcast Waterfall Glen

Last week I defied the weather forecasts and drove up to Lemont determined to revisit Waterfall Glen. Fortunately the rain subsided on the way there and the predicted Thunderstorms passed us by.


(Warning: slugs and millipedes in this post-if you don’t like them, don’t scroll down)
The droplets were gorgeous.


Nature always has a way to give me perspective, and the lessons of that day started with a sign about a trail restoration project.


The park district is removing buckthorn, honeysuckle and other select weedy, invasive trees and shrubs from Kettle Woods, and over time will replant native shrubs.


“Before work began, nearly 85 percent of the trees and shrubs fewer than 4 inches in diameter that grew under Kettle Woods’ leafy canopy were nonnative invasives. Their dense foliage was some of the first to leaf out in the spring and the last to die back in the fall and prevented sunlight from reaching native plants below. In some areas, less than 5 percent of ambient light made it to the woodland floor.”


“Perhaps more critically, young oak and hickory seedlings couldn’t soak up the moisture and light they needed to grow and replace older generations or compete against invasives.” The aftermath of the clearing is jarring.


“By removing the weedy, invasive understory plants, however, the District can bring more moisture and sunlight to the ground, which will accelerate the growth of native flowers and grasses and secure the valuable soil during heavy rains”


“These brighter conditions will also give rise to the next generation of oak and hickory seedlings, which will benefit wildlife and wildlife watchers for years to come. On a larger scale, the healthier, functional woodland will be able to respond better to potentially adverse effects of climate extremes, insect outbreaks and diseases.” A barren view before restoration.


My takeaway was: Clearing out invasive opinions is important for one’s true nature to thrive (even if it looks a bit devastating in the interim)


Naturally the rain drew out the slugs, and I watched a few cross paths. One blog states that as a hermaphrodite, the slug is “considered to embody both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Because of this, the slug is more a spiritual being than an earthly being. Great balance and strength is also a message that the slug can bring to its beholder.”


I came upon a small brown butterfly but it was quite sensitive to my movements. A few of its genus fluttered along the path, but every time I stopped to snap a photo I was accosted by Mosquitos, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I liked.


I resorted to waving my citronella stick around, since the multiple layers I had rubbed on throughout my hike had no effect on the pesky creatures. Waving one hand while trying to focus on a creature with the camera hand proved futile.


It was ‘eat Maike’s left ear day’ for sure. Lin’s Domain says Mosquitos represent temporary irritants: “Rather than letting the temporary irritants take over our lives, focus on protecting our creative projects and our sense of joy and accomplishment. If Mosquito is truly becoming a constant pest, then we need to take serious look at our environment, both work and home. Something needs to change in it.”


My change was to keep moving and not stop for photos as much. Ironically the creative project of nature photography was interrupted temporarily.


I will concede that an overcast day with much moisture in the air does give mosquitos an advantage and ‘right-of-way’ when I visit their habitat.


Psychically, “Damp environments are symbolic of creative, psychic, and emotional areas. …it’s important to find an environment supportive to their creative and psychic sensibilities, necessary for their health and well-being.” blog quote from Ted Andrews’ Animal-Wise.


Away from the trees in the plains areas I was able to stop for other random insects. I’m not a fan of millipedes, but the red-striped variety is fascinating. Via one blog: Millipede sends the message that “successful movement in all endeavors will come with age— ‘late bloomers.’  … Many centipedes are also blind, and this an be a reminder to trust our inner perceptions and not outer appearances.”


Being a lone singleton I sometimes feel that I am getting too set in my ways, but my friend recently told me “You are not ornery, you have stronger boundaries.” I love that thought since I always empathize to the point of giving in to others.


When I saw this prickly thistle I pondered its beauty, and realized that having boundaries (or being ‘prickly’) isn’t ugly at all.


The thistle was surrounded by plants that had heart-shaped seed pods, which I found another striking analogy. Love seemingly seeking out the thistle.


Then I came upon this lovely snail which was oblivious to my camera shutter as it navigated the gravel path. Its message: “Snail people are often loners, not very social and often timid. Their life lesson will be to learn to trust.  Learning to balance trust and protection is a difficult lesson. Snails also teach us to protect the inner child.” Interestingly a few books and interactions are urging me to honor the inner child, so I will keep working on that this summer.


I chuckled at the last phrase of a prairie sign.


On the way back to my car several swallows soared above me, representing objectivity and perspective per Lin’s Domain: “Rise above the small stuff and you will gain a better perspective on your life.”


I doused my ear in vinegar when I got home, and the swelling went down after a few hours. I may have to eat and rub on some garlic or vinegar on the next humid hike.


The walk did help me step through some things that had been bugging me, and allowed me take a break from the giant to-do and should-do lists awaiting me at home.


The wind and moisture felt cleansing, and I will heed the insights this trail gave me as I make my moves throughout the summer.


New Additions at Aurora Rose Boutique

After Saturday’s fair I swung by Aurora Rose Boutique to stock up some Holiday inventory. The Network of Entrepreneurial Women is stopping by at 2 p.m. today for its combined November gathering so I wanted to give our attendees some pieces to peruse for our pre-holiday shopping spree.


Kim had asked me about scarf pendants a while back, and I finally got to make a few (after learning more about them).


Requests for Christmas ornaments have also been made already, so I provided a batch of those. I am taking custom orders for these now.


I spruced up my shelf with a little Christmas tree.


Since Kim was drawn to a few of the pendants while at the fair I decided to leave those with her too.


The birthstone project inspired me to spruce up some collars that felt a bit blah to me. Sometimes you have to let pieces sit for a while before knowing what to do with them.


So my infinity collar got an infinity rainbow and the oval cage is now holding semiprecious stones.


It is always such fun to visit the store and see the new quirky items in stock. My wallet is anticipating a slim-down, but it will go toward supporting other artisans and give me a head start on the Christmas shopping list.


Aurora Rose, A Unique Boutique is a gallery-style boutique featuring the wares of the most magnificent locally handcrafted businesses found in the Chicagoland area. Founded in 2011 and owned by mother-daughter duo Kim and Amber Peters, the store offers diverse handcrafted products including soaps, lotions, candles, baby blankets, jewelry, fairy dolls, parasols, wall and home decor, greeting cards, hair adornments, children’s clothes, stuffed animals, quirky decorative items, handbags, doll clothes and select food products. These one-of-a-kind and customizable pieces are created by 36 vendors, 28 of whom are female owned (this number may have been boosted since the November fair at which more artisans were recruited). Aurora Rose also offers art classes on a regular basis.


Aurora Rose Boutique is located at at 111 Stephen Street in Lemont, IL. Today’s event is open to any woman entrepreneur or business woman in the area, so stop on in! Store hours are Monday: 11am-7pm, Tuesday: 9am-4pm, Wednesday: 11am-7pm, Thursday: 11am-7pm, Friday: 11am-6pm, Saturday: 11am-5pm, Sunday: closed.

Lemont visits Nov. 9 and 13

On Saturday I will be selling my wares at the Lemont Neighbor to Neighbor Vendor & Crafter’s Market. The indoor show is from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the Lemont Township Community Center, 16300 Alba, Lemont, northwest of 127th Street and Timberline Drive.


Several independent vendors and crafters will showcase free trade items, jewelry, cosmetics, crafts, health foods, purses, 
accessories and more. There will also be a 50/50/Prize Raffle. The vendor reservation fees as well as any donations made that day will benefit the Lemont Township Family Assistance Fund.


I’ve created some new pieces that will debut at this event, including scarf pendants.


You can see how my holiday ornaments turned out (these need a bit of encaustic love).


I’ll make another trip to Lemont on Wednesday, November 13 with the Network of Entrepreneurial Women for our Meet & Munch. This is our only event this month since we don’t want to encroach on Thanksgiving plans.


Join us from 2 to 4 p.m. at 111 Stephen Street in Lemont and try on my jewelry.


We will have munchies from Tastefully Simple and get a head start on holiday shopping at Aurora Rose, which has gift items for the whole family. You can peruse their inventory for ladies, children, and men on their web site.


You can RSVP here. Lemont is fun!

First Hike in Waterfall Glen

Before my Cruise Night excursion (every Wednesday in Lemont through August), I revisited Waterfall Glen to explore the trail further. Last time I only had 20 minutes, which wasn’t long enough to experience this Prairie Gem just an hour from Chicago.


So I decided to take 3 hours before my appointment at Aurora Rose to explore. I had looked up the trail map and printed it out, but I didn’t really have a feel for how long a 9-mile trail is. I figured I had enough time to get to the Waterfall and back.

spottedbfly prairie

For a hike-to-boutique visit-to Cruise Night look I wore the fabulous Roxy Slouchy Slim-fit Jeans from Hello Holiday.


I parked near Mile 3 and oriented myself to go toward the Waterfall. The gravel path is wide and designed for biking, horses and other kinds of traffic. It also runs parallel to railroad tracks along parts of the way.


Then I came upon a cool dragonfly habitat, but they were all too speedy to be captured on camera. The birds had better luck, and I had mixed feelings observing one bird having its lunch. Yet I have no qualms about dragonflies keeping the mosquito population in check, such a human double standard…


There was a nice woodsy area which provided good shade on the first true summer day of the season.


This retaining wall and old brick structure leaves scope for the imagination. L.P.N. stands for he Lincoln Park Nursery, where trees were grown for Lincoln Park and topsoil was hauled away to build the lakefront.


I saw some critters along the way, including a fashionable millipede.



The Waterfall seemed closer as I came upon this water.


Then this apparition emerged. Not so far from civilization after all…


As the day got hotter and my water ran low I realized my hiking preparations need some brushing up. Mile 6 was a wonderful sight to behold.


I was close to the Waterfall, but time was running out, so I had to double back rather than walk that last bit to actually see it.


Then this chipmunk distracted me, and I ended up walking an extra mile down the wrong road in prairie heat. So much for planning my time wisely!


I did see pretty butterflies though.




Nothing I could do but to put one foot in front of the other as I got a little tired and needed to quicken my pace.



I really wanted these.


The miles felt a lot longer as I made my last sips of water last.


A plane would have been fun too by that time.


It was wonderful to see my car again. Yippie!


The Waterfall Glen preserve is a lovely trail and I look forward to taking a full day, with plenty of water and a hat to peruse the rest of it and actually see the Waterfall with my own eyes.


Chevy Cruise Night in Lemont

Last week I timed my inventory drop off at Aurora Rose Boutique to coincide with Chevy Cruise Night.


I’m partial to Chevrolet, since an early car of mine was a Cavalier.


The cars line up from 6 pm to 9 pm along Main and Canal Streets.



I’d only caught a glimpse of downtown Lemont earlier this year, and was not prepared for the number of cars that participated.


Hosted by the Lemont Chamber of Commerce, the 14th Annual Lemont Legends Cruise Nights is recognized as one of the largest and best car shows in the area.




Each night has a theme where the featured cars can win prizes, but other brands are still welcome to join the fun.




I was advised to try some Kettle Corn, which is indeed delicious.


Then I perused the blasts from the past. If these cars could talk.




I know nothing about vintage cars so I will just leave you with the images, but lots of them had personality for sure.





The Dukes of Hazzard did make it to the Dutch TV channels and the General Lee even sounded right.


I am partial to the Thunderbird, of course.


Cruise night is held every Wednesday night in Downtown Lemont from June 5th through August 28th in 2013, so come on down and check it out.


Be sure to stop by Aurora Rose on Stephen street for a spell.


They will be open til 9 pm on Cruise Nights and have lots of gift wares to peruse.







Aurora Rose Ribbon Cutting Party

Last Tuesday Aurora Rose had its second anniversary, which was also marked by a ribbon cutting of their new location in Lemont, IL.

Aurora Rose ribbon cutting

Vendors, customers and family members celebrated the event, and it was lovely to meet some of the creative people my Maraviglia share the space with.

Aurora Rose party

Dad’s Roadhouse provided delicious snacks for the occasion, and his jars are available for sale at Aurora Rose.

Dads Roadhouse snacks

I met the newest greeting card vendor and perused her lovely art work.

Greeting Cards at Aurora Rose

It was fun to update my shelf, which had gained a little companion who showcases my wares.

Maike's Maraviglia at Aurora Rose Boutique

I also added the Dancing Wings butterflies to see if they might go home to a young girls’ room.


The store is full of wonderful gift items, including soaps, lotions, candles, baby blankets, jewelry, fairy dolls, parasols, wall art, hair adornments, children’s clothes, stuffed animals, quirky decorative items, handbags, doll clothes and more.


Kim and Amber take pride in selecting unique handmade gifts and are very passionate about their store.

Aurora Rose owner Kim

What American Girl Doll wouldn’t want to jump into the hippie era?


Goth-minded mothers will love shopping here (the fabric sparkles!).

girl skulls

Skeleton Christmas Ornaments, anyone?

AR Skeletons

Guess which pieces went home with me?

Bracelets at Aurora Rose

I love the decorative badge holders and the paper flower bouquets, and…


Kindly Recommended went home with an Aurora Rose customer.

Kindly Recommended Sold

I love that Aurora Rose is a genuine family business, and what a nice family it is (with the webmaster son conferencing in from college for the occasion).


Close-ups of my wares now at Aurora Rose are here.  Aurora Rose offers classes and workshops, with a birdbath mosaic class coming up soon.


If you’re a car lover, check out Aurora Rose’s car show related events this summer.