Here’s to the last hurrah of our snow fest this month.

A few weeks ago Lake Michigan was splashing chilly waves all over the place.

It made beautiful iciclescapes.

Then came a dump of 12 inches over the weekend.

Officially we got 6 on the biggest day, but it looks like more to me.

Dutchies, what do you think?

The squirrels didn’t even come out to play on their branch.

Walking in this depth is a workout!

But I couldn’t resist seeing what it looked like at the lake.

What a difference 2 weeks make.

I couldn’t get out of my parking lot before the snowplows came through, and as I explored where they were to determine the timing, I saw interesting alley scapes.

No BBQ here!

Our trees got smile bombed during the storm.

The next day I drove to the handmade market and appreciated our less messy snowplows. Later that week I witnessed a snow mountain in a Skokie parking lot.

The icicles continue to amaze!

When that snow started melting away, another inch or 2 accumulated on a cozy Friday afternoon.

I think we’re done now though. The next two days should melt the grey grossness, and then maybe Spring will come?

My critters are ready for better weather.

Frozen January

This January feels stalled. I am not accomplishing what I thought I would, partially because of where my family focus has been.

I had a laundry list of things I wanted to work on since December 15, but am finding that January is breezing by.

So when I returned from Houston I decided to let January be, and am making peace with not having much to show for it.

The deep freeze left its mark, and I enjoyed the ice sculptures of Lake Michigan on a balmy 30-degree walk.

But then 2 grey days zapped my energy, and I had a 3-hour slump yesterday where I couldn’t energize myself to do anything.

Now the snow is melting, and the weather’s temperature swings are on the upward trend between 30s and 50s.

I’ll keep plugging away on the things I have set out to do, without berating myself for letting time fly by.

Living in awareness and being present is sometimes all we can do, and what is truly important will get accomplished in due time.

Ultimately it is all about perspective, and knowing we can only do what we can in the time that we have, with the resources available to us.

The things that are percolating will come to fruition, just as the plants wrapped in ice will soon be sprouting leaves again.

Life works in cycles, and we need to honor both the seasons and our own circadian rhythms, even when technology has us believing in a 24/7 alertness mode.


It got frosty again last weekend.


In spite of the freeze, the skies are gorgeous.


Old snow got shoveled and turned into its own sculpture.


Hibernating included having lovely icescapes on the windows.


It’s neat to see what the combination of heaters and ice create.


My original angel perused the winter wonderland.


Another load of snow came on a quiet afternoon.


Another blanket freshened up the world.


Prompting a midnight shift for this snowplow.


It’s supposed to melt a bit again by the end of the week.


Seasons have an art of their own.

The Ice Queen visits

My energy is coming back and some good things have been kicked off, but I still need to ease into a normal routine.


The Ice Queen paid a visit this weekend and left some lovely art behind.


There is much beauty in this wintry scenery, though staying out very long is not an option.


I’m reminded of Alicia Forestall-Boehm’s waxed cubes with these ‘drippy’ scultures.


Makes me want to slather encaustic medium onto something.


White beaches abound.


Here’s to finding beauty in everything,


being inspired,


and celebrating health!