Halloween Stake-Out

Fall is trying to make its entrance and it’s been getting spooky in the studio.

I reviewed the pieces I have on hand from last year, and was inspired to make more.

With my plant stakes having such a positive response I decided to try a batty design as well.

I pulled a generic bat shape from google, designed by Rubberboots and Elf Shoes and placed a printout on my Now That’s A Jig! as a guideline.

Then I started wrapping wire around the lines, mostly in freeform. Soon I added the paper.

The result makes me happy.


I also had my book setup on the other jig, and decided to use my halloween stamps to make magic spell books.

Of course my witches only cast good spells, we’re all about spreading kindness and making the world a better place.

It is time consuming to attach the individual pages, but the result is worth it.

I’m playing with various colors and ‘contents.’

My skull pendants tend to ‘disappear’ each season so I made a few of those as well.

Sacred Art has parts of my Halloween Collection in stock now. When I head for my next haircut ChromaK8 will get some pendants as well.

I also dropped off some items at the Evanston Pop Up Gallery.

You can peruse the newest Halloween Creations at the Handmade Market on Saturday. I am looking forward to that new-to-me event at the Empty Bottle from noon to 4 pm on October 14.

I’ll bring the Calcite stakes I made out of a shattered gemstone.

I am also making skull bead pendants, and this red one was snapped up right away.

I hope the Halloween revelers enjoy these new pieces, and look forward to watching the parade of trick or treaters go by.

Do you have a costume in mind yet?

Skeleton Time

When I had my Platt-A-Palooza pop-up, Halloween was already in full swing at the store, and I love decorations they have available.


It’s kind of fun to hang out “in death” like this, don’t you think?


I’ll be putting on the Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas this weekend.


I also put a harvest vignette on my fireplace mantel that will serve as a gratitude altar for November as well.


My sister gifted me a mini-fondue set, and Piron helped me with fillings.


This treat is worthy repeating more often.


My friend ‘squashed’ me, and I tested a frittata recipe that made for a few breakfasts last week.


Here’s to harvests, dress-up games, and the sweetness of life!


Ghosts, Spiders and Witches abound

I’ve been spooking up the studio with some wax and wire Halloween pendants.


I picked out purple and orange papers to embellish with rubber stamps.


Then I wrangled some wire to fit the images


I fired up the griddle and covered the paper in encaustic medium.


Now they’re ready to be worn by new owners!


I have three at the Blue Buddha Boutique Carpe Diem! Pop-up and two pendants are hanging out at The Collage Cafe.


The neighborhoods are getting spooky too.


It’s fun to see the variety of decorations on my strolls.


Lots of skeletal animals are popping up.


This one’s been tied to a post for too long.


Hangman takes on a different meaning.


Creepy Crawlies on trees.


In Edgewater the Framing shop has shop windows dedicated to The Raven.


They clearly had fun with this Poe boy from a Poe family.


The other side of the shop has a different scene.


You should definitely take a stroll along the corner of Granville and Clark.


Further along Granville more ravens are present.


Some skeletons are enjoying a party on the porch.


They seem to be a little light-headed.


Were they poisoned?


We’ll be having a costume party at Blue Buddha Boutique on Saturday.


In addition to flappers, witches and ghosts, our Edgewater Artists in Motion pop-up will have some other Kharakters ready for snapshots in a photo booth.


Come on by between 11 and 4 on October 31 and treat yourself to some lovely gifts and inspiration.


Here’s to fun trick or treating, celebrating the harvest, and easing into the Thanksgiving season. Dragonfly Boutique has lots of fun decorations along with other awesome fall items.


Of course you can also buy Halloween Jewelry from Etsy.