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Midweek interlude

I’m transcribing notes from my weekend events, but the combination of freelance work and Marvels events preclude me from having that ready for you today. Galas and opening parties are fun to make time for, but it does cut away from other activities, such as blogging. So you’ll have to contend with a few snapshots […]

Easter Weekend Walk

Walking through the neighborhood is such a joy these days. It’s gotten a little cooler from the strange March ‘summer,’ but this has not deterred all the blooming. My favorite flower is already popping up in places.  These ‘bells’ do feel like Easter to me. And tulips abound as well. The resident Peregrine Falcons have […]

Sudden Spring

photography by Maike's Marvels

We’ve had some amazingly warm weather here this week. The trees are “sprouting” buds, the sunshine gave everyone good cheer, and it was impossible to stay in. I spotted some bees on these flowers. I don’t know what these are called, but I like them. The tulips are biding their time, but the hyacinth started […]

midweek bliss

It’s been a fun and full week already. I visited the Chocolate Exhibit at the Field Museum and learned a lot more about Chocolate’s history. The Mayans used huge vessels to drink their bitter frothy cocoa from, ranging from 8 to 10 inches tall with a 6 to 8 inch diameter. And here I thought […]

Friday Fun: Rainbows and Monarchs

The other day I want to see the fall colors of the Botanical Garden and was surprised with a lovely rainbow. The pot of gold might be buried somewhere in the pond, but it was too chilly to check. Although I went for the leaves, a lot of flowers were still in bloom. This Autumn […]

It’s Spring!

The scent of a hyacinth is wafting through the home, my windows are open, birds are chirping, children are playing outside, and the sun is working hard to warm up the world again. Hello sun, hello energy, hello joy! Hello crocuses pushing yourselves out of the ground. Hello new life beyond my imagination!