Morpho’s 6th Annual Encaustic Exhibition

On Friday, I will be attending Morpho Gallery’s National Call for Encaustic Entries Opening party. This annual exhibit of encaustic artists will be held  August 4 at from 6 to 9 pm at 5216 N Damen Avenue in Chicago.

The 6th Annual Encaustic Exhibition includes 2D and 3D work made with the hot wax method of encaustic. Juried by Kathy Blankley Roman and Dan Addington, the exhibit includes works by several FUSEDChicago members and some encaustic artists I look forward to meeting that evening. The exhibit will be held August 4th through September 2nd 2017. Morpho Gallery’s hours are Thursdays and Fridays from 1 to 6 pm, and Saturdays from noon to 6 pm.

Artists included are: Brad Hook, Cat Crotchett, Laura Graveline, Anna Wagner-Ott, Brenda Erickson, Candace Law, Carol Myers, Carrie Baxter, Cindy Lesperance, Claudia Hollister, David Brown, Deborah Martin, Derek Brennan, Jeannette MacDougall, Jodie Sutton, Karen Ruth Karlsson, Katelyn Patton, Kathryn Isbister, Kathy Blankley Roman, Kay Vinson, Kaylee Dalton, Lamia Holden, Laura LaRue, Linda Mayer, Elizabeth Hubler-Torrey, Patricia Lagger, Penny Park, Rinat Goren, and Teresa Foster (the ones in bold are my FUSEDChicago friends).

For this show submission, I made a whimsical wall hanging. I was inspired by Brenda’s Now That’s A Jig! Shapes and put a bunch onto the Jig, initially thinking I would work with a 6 x 6 shadowbox.

Of course I went off-jig right away and started rearranging the wire as I went to make the shape more freeform.

Soon I had the basic shape to make a wall hanging.

I wanted to incorporate a vintage book page, which then determined the rest of the palette.

After some rearranging, I settled on purple and blue tones in addition to the text papers.

Then the fusing began.

With the fan going for ventilation, I had to weight the snippets down to keep them from fluttering off the table.

As always, the Xacto knife is my friend.

My friends recruited me for an evening meal, and it is always good to call it a day after a few hours in the studio anyway, because you need perspective and also don’t want to rush the design process.

While I liked the piece where it was, I still wanted to add the remaining papers as planned. I did swap out some swatches as the remaining papers were attached.

With big (to me) pieces like this, the wire isn’t always flush. It is a delicate balance of making sure the forms will be straight enough to hold the paper and also keeping in mind how the piece will hang in the end.

A Traveler’s Whimsy by Maike’s Marvels.

I am curious to see how the accepted pieces came together. Morpho Gallery always showcases a variety of techniques at this annual show. 

I didn’t get into the show, but this piece proudly hangs on my own wall until I am ready to part with it.

Wax(in’) Blue opening night

I had a lovely evening mingling with encaustic artists at the Wax(in’) Blue exhibit.


It was naturally a gathering of FUSEDChicago members, but also artists who had come in from as far as Michigan to peruse this exhibit.


As the title indicates, the theme was blue, and it was great to see the spectrum of blue on display.

From dragonfly to dragonfly

Encaustic Art by Carol Hamilton, Mary J O’Hearn, Yvonne Prisble, Ahavani Mullen,
Bobbette Rose, Carol Hamilton, Alicia Forestall-Boehm, Kimberly Fuller

My Dragonflies were in lovely company.

Patricia Lagger, Karen Tichy, Lynda Cole,
Patricia Lagger, Maike van Wijk, Candace Meyers

Kimberly Fuller’s Jewelry intrigued me.


Sculptural pieces give encaustic wonderful dimension.


Donna Zarbin-Byrne


Robin Samiljan, Sue Cahill, Nikkole Huss,  Laura LaRue,
Alicia Forestall-Boehm, Valerie McCune, Jenny Learner, Karen Tichy, Vicki Reed

This Lumen print technique on silk by Vicki Reed is intriguing.


Kari Hall, Brad Hook, Kari Hall

I also enjoyed seeing a few figurative pieces in this exhibit, since truly painting in wax is a challenge I have not mastered.

Jacqueline Drake

Sue Cahill

Discussing techniques was illuminating.


Colors ranged from bright to subdued.


Jessica Behan

Kathy Roman

Since it was at Morpho Gallery, I wore my Morpho pendant, with a blue dress of course.


The show is up from August 10th-31st with walk-in hours Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 6 p.m., or by appointment. Morpho Gallery is located at 5216 North Damen, Chicago.



I just submitted to another show, so we’ll see if the momentum keeps going!


Wax(in’) Blue, an August exhibit

I’m thrilled to have 2 pieces in the Wax(in’) Blue exhibit at Morpho Gallery. The exhibit opens on Saturday (August 10) with the opening reception from 6 to 9:30 pm at 5216 North Damen, Chicago.

Wax(in’) Blue is a juried exhibition featuring work from 25 encaustic artists from around the Midwest. The title refers to the color blue and all of its meanings. Each artist has approached this theme in their own way, resulting in an exhibition filled with different styles, techniques and new takes on the encaustic medium.


The show is up from August 10th-31st with walk-in hours Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 6 p.m., or by appointment.
Artists include:

Ahavani Mullen, Bobbette Rose, Candace Meyers,
Donna Zarbin-Byrne, Jenny Learner, Karen Tichy,
Kathy Roman, Laura LaRue, Maike van Wijk,
Nikkole Huss, Robin Samiljan,  Valerie McCune,
Yvonne Prisble,  Alicia Forestall-Boehm,  Brad Hook,
Carol Hamilton,  Jacqueline Drake,  Jessica Behan,
Kari Hall,  Kimberly Fuller,  Lynda Cole,
Mary J O’Hearn,  Patricia Lagger,  Sue Cahill,  Vicki Reed

Last year’s Hot Wax in the City was a fun exhibit, at which these photos were taken, and I look forward what this encaustic show has in store.


Morpho Gallery prides itself on seeking talented artists who are on the cusp of being discovered by the mainstream art community. They invite local artists to exhibit their work in a creative and non-competitive atmosphere, where artistic experimentation and development are encouraged. By creating a blank palette inside the gallery, Morpho offers infinite possibilities for an array of colors, textures and media to come together.