Art Journaling for Relaxation

This week I am trying to create order in my studio, which is hard to do after sifting through storage units last week. I seem to have reached my organizing quota.

I am looking forward to replenishing my musical pendant inventory and creating some Valentines for February when order is restored.

Next week I hope to refresh the shelf at the Pop Up Gallery. Until then my ornaments are still $5 off.

Meanwhile, I am part of an art journaling Facebook group that has been fun.

Mostly I see my pages as backgrounds for future musings, but some might remain as standalone art works.

We get various prompts, like drawing circles, doodling on strips of collaged paper, stamping with various random items found around the house, using colors we don’t normally choose etc.

It helps me to settle to do something like this, and is also fun to do with friends and family.

At a The Collage Cafe drop-in I made a collage from paper scraps.

It got me to dig out some templates I had never used.

Sometimes it is good to have a project that takes me out of solopreneur mode where the outcome doesn’t have to be sellable.

Plus it is fun to see what everyone else does and how other people express themselves.

I had fun with the word cloud challenge when I was in Houston.

Self care is good, and pausing from the daily grind with a bit of coloring is therapeutic.

Some collage snippets even offer wisdom and humor.

We’ll see what these two get embellished with in the future!

In love with May flowers

The other day it was overcast, but I felt totally in love.


May certainly has my heart this year.


Sure, it requires allergy relief (I use the homeopathic Sabadil from Whole Foods), but I was ready to swoon at the sight of the vibrant colors and gorgeous flowers.


It was raining petals while birds were singing their songs.


Tulips lined up in wonderful color palettes.



The array made me think of the Efteling’s Fakir who makes the tulips grow.

tuliprow2 prettyinpink

Pops of yellow are everywhere.



Not to mention my favorite blue hue.



A snuggly friend walked with me for a spell.


I love these funky flowers.


Nature’s so vibrant it makes my heart swell.


Who knew looking at other people’s gardens could make me feel this way?


Even my coffee was feeling fern-y.


Thank you for tending your gardens, neighbors! 🙂


I heart Fall

The weather has been amazing the past two weekends, and so has the progression of colors and tree-phases.

The golden glow

From green to yellow to red

… to baring it all

While there is a long process leading up to this transition, sometimes it can all occur within a week.

(the timespan within which these photos were taken)

The seasons teach us so much about the creative process. What I love most is that there is no judgment. It just IS.

Plain, natural beauty.

What transitions are you contemplating, and are you judging these ideas before you even utter them?

Breathe in the beauty of nature and allow yourself to just be. Like a leaf in the wind, float with the idea for a while, before gently letting it go into the universe. You just might find it has a heart…