Kulturbrücke 2018

On Saturday, after the Handmade Market, I will head over to the DANK Haus for the opening of Kulturbrücke 2018. Culture Bridge/Kulturbrücke 2018 is a month long cultural bridge of poets, musicians painters, dancers, and sculptors from Germany, the United States and around the world. Curated by Laura Engel and Marianna Buchwald of International Art Group Chicago, the exhibit will feature a broad range of works with the intention to deepen cross-cultural ties. There will be a series of events that will entertain and stimulate thinking about how many cultures can create a dialog about what matters in the world of art.

The opening reception is February 10th from 6 to 10 pm in the DANK Haus Scharpenberg Gallery, located at 740 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60625. The evening will include live performances by Ginny Ching Yin Lo, Kao Ra Zen and Michael Abcede. There will be food and a cash bar. Free Parking is available at MB Financial, 4800 N Western Ave, Chicago.

2018 Culture Bridge Visual Artists include: Adriana Poterash • Amy Regutti • Betty Johnson • Bishal Bhaikaji Manandhar • Brittany Boyer • Claudia Cleveland • Cleofe Casambre • Colleen Ostrander • Daniel Weinberg • Danny Diallo Hinds • Deanna Persson • Didier Nole • Dorothy Straughter • Elizabeth Parker • Elsa Töbelmann • Erin Weseli Rossi • Felicia Grant Preston • George John Larson • Gwyneth Lewis • Hans Ulrich Buchwald • Iwona Duniec • Jean Roberts Guequierre • Jenna Moudy • Jin Choi • Joanna K. Szymanska • Jo Scheder • Jose Aggari • Juan A. Cano • Judith Kempa • Juliann Wang • Kasia Szczesniewski • Kathryn Gauthier • Kelly Anderson • Kerri Mommer • Kristin Heike • Laura Engel • Lisa Metz • Maike van Wijk • Mami Takahashi • Margie Lawrence • Marianna Buchwald • Mary Ellen Croteau • Michael Abcede • Nadine Yadi Royster • Nancy Strahinic • Nora Moore Lloyd • Paulo Carvalho • Penelope Thrasher • Robert Pockmire • Rob Hogan • Sara Peak Convery • Sheree Blakemore • Socorro Mucino • Stanislaw Kielar • Stefan Föge-Riekenberg • Susan M. Fong • Teresa Gierwielaniec Rozanacki • Warren Perlstein • Yu Huaung • Zitlali Yunuhem

The gallery will be open Monday through Friday from 1 to 5 pm. The Willi Scharpenberg Gallery hosts rotating artistic and historical exhibits year round. The Gallery was created to support the DANK Haus mission of preserving and promoting cultural heritage. Special weekend and extended evening hours will apply throughout the exhibition to  events. Stay tuned for updates on weekly Culture Bridge events including musical performances, theater, and dance.

The DANK Haus German American Cultural Center is a nonprofit cultural center and language school located in the heart of one of Chicago’s traditionally German neighborhoods, Lincoln Square. Open to all ages and backgrounds, the center features a language school, a museum, an art gallery, and a library. Regular programs include a monthly open house, movie screenings, cooking classes, as well as concerts, plays and other performances. 

Ravenswood ArtWalk lineup for this weekend

Guess what? After two years of struggling through weather issues, I secured an indoor spot at the Ravenswood ArtWalk this year. The event has also moved to mid-September instead of the fall-ish October weekend.


On Saturday September 19 and Sunday September 20, the businesses, studios and shops along Ravenswood Avenue will open their doors from 11 am to 6 pm for a showcase of artists and industry. There will be open studios, craft beer, live music and family fun.


I will be at Platform Coworking – 4422 N Ravenswood alongside Erin Wesseli Rossi, Flora Calabrese, Gwyndolyn Siebert and Tony Nuccio.


This is #5 on the official map, conveniently located near the CTA’s Montrose stop near the corner of Montrose and Ravenswood.


We are just around the corner of LillStreet Art center.


Just follow Montrose under the Metra bridge and turn right (north).


Other venues and artists include: Beyond Design – 4515 N Ravenswood featuring: Alison Bixby, Ann Cohen, Bob London, Dail Kirkpatrick, Dan Schreck, Jan Olson, Janeane Bowlware, Melinda Gordon, Nuria McNeal, Robert McCollam and William Carroll. Hayes Properties – 4043 N Ravenswood will host: Debbie Lessin, Grace Gaynor, Kevin Lemel, Kim Laurel, Ladetria Warren, Laura Matzen, Lee Galusha, Luka Dziubyna, Marilyn Grad, Mariyam Jawed, Maureen Crowley, Nancy Cusick and Thomas Dubois. Movement Republic – 4526 N Ravenswood will host Tracy Poyser. Savvy Seconds & 1sts – 1748 W Lawrence will feature: Katy Higgins, Michelle Graves, Peyton Rack and Scott Holsterhaus. Urban Pooch – 4501 N Ravenswood is hosting Dinah Miller.


The brave souls vending at the outdoor market at Ravenswood & Berteau include: Alexandra Jamroz, Alicia Londos, Amanda Joyner, Amy Tatsui, Andrew Christen, Barbara Grunewald, Cara Miller, Christina Caruso, Elektra Musich, Frances & Camilla Krueger-Jackson & Krueger, Gayle Weiss, Hilary Black, Hillary Miles, Jaque Mannakee, Jeneba Koroma, Jessica DeBoer, Joseph Mills, Kate Heilman, Kate Zitzer, Khabrim Diallo, Kim Amati, Laura Garza, Lisa Richards, Lori Hess, Marina Veiler, Monica Zanetti, Pablo Ramirez, Rita Sindelar, Robin Nathan, Roslyn Broder, Rossana Reformado, Russell Muits, Sean Gallagher, Scott Kiefer, Scott Vanderlin, Steve Connell, Tanya Milojkovic and Tuesday Webb.


Music performances include: Zigtebra, Axons,  Dan Rico, Jeremy David Miller, Female Basic, Ursa Ensemble and Jonathan Hannau.


So come on out and enjoy a plethora of art in a variety of locations along Ravenswood Avenue. Over 14 years, RAW has grown into what it is today; an dynamic celebration of arts and industry that features 300+ artists and 40 sites, while placing special focus on the diverse talents of the Ravenswood Corridor. Use the hashtag “#RAW2015” and tag @RAWchicago  when you stroll the event!


Edges Show Opening

Encaustic art has grabbed my heart since I first learned about it through Suze Weinberg.


I now preside over the group that inspired me so in the beginning, and love attending exhibits by my friends.

Kelly Mathews, Kathy Blankley Roman, Denise Marych,
Amanda Jolley, Catherine Keebler, Laura LaRue,
Dan Addington and Kari Hall

Morpho Gallery has hosted an encaustic show for four years, and this year’s Edges exhibit is the best one to date.

Morpho Gallery Edges Exhibit

There is such a variety of work, and truly edgy ideas and techniques are on display.


It was lovely to peruse the art with fellow FUSEDChicago members and see 11 represented.


There was a variety of textures to examine.

Cate Cormack, Linda Hertelendy-Wein, Margaret Berry,
tephanie Green, Elizabeth Schowachert, Amy Finder,
Nicole Prigan, Carol Hamilton

This particular blue hue is mesmerizing.

Susan Dickman, Stephanie Green, Gina Stanley

I enjoyed the company on ‘my’ wall.

Naomi Hart, Wendy Shapiro, Alex Wilhite,
Maike’s Marvels, Stephanie Green, Gina Stanley,
Joan Moriarty, Susan Dickman, Karl Kaiser,
Dyan McClimon-Miller, Karen Tichy

My pieces were well received, especially since I decided to hang them on edge.

Triangles and Angles by Maike’s Marvels

I like Alex Wilhite’s textures.


Book covers in wax might not be practical, but do combine two of my loves.

Through a Glass Darkly by Dan Addington

Dan Breslin’s dimensional work certainly has an edge to it!


I had seen Pat Lagger’s pieces during Sarah Krepp’s critique and love how she keeps expanding on her theme.

Melissa Lackman, Pat Lagger and Carol Hamilton

Kelly Mathews’ eye was part of that critique as well.


The textures achieved are always mesmerizing.

Cindy Lesperance

Karl Kaiser has tremendous patience.


The Edges show is up through Labor Day weekend, so check out the posted hours or book an appointment with Morpho Gallery.

Melissa Lackman, Pat Lagger, Carol Hamilton,
Alex Wilhite and Robin Miller

Thank you Kathleen Waterloo and Kathy Blankley Roman for jurying such a fabulous show!