Ribbons galore!

I’ve been collecting gift ribbons and lace over several years. There is no plan for these yet, but I “need” to hold on to them. I know you crafters can relate! 114 spreadsheet lines later these are all accounted for, and a value is guesstimated. Since 2009 I’ve been better about tracking my craft purchases […]

Inventorying rubber stamps

Well as much as Spring should be here the weather hasn’t quite made up its mind yet. But my studio is filled with sunlight which has me motivated to continue the inventorying process. I took a breather from organizing in March, and instead reviewed my life. I dug up my diaries and reread what I’ve […]

Scenes from the neighborhood

My long blog post is still simmering, so today I’ll share a few photos from being out and about. The curious robin is heralding spring.  I’m treating myself to little pleasures.  And the world always reminds us that love is all around you.  Have a loving day!

It’s Spring!

The scent of a hyacinth is wafting through the home, my windows are open, birds are chirping, children are playing outside, and the sun is working hard to warm up the world again. Hello sun, hello energy, hello joy! Hello crocuses pushing yourselves out of the ground. Hello new life beyond my imagination!

Drawing out

My last formal art class was in 1989. I got a stingy B+ on a sculpting project, which I knew I was actually really good at, but drawing and painting grades went downhill from there. In those classes we were assigned topics such as ‘draw a house with a certain painting technique’ or ‘work on […]


Did I mention that I am planning to check some dream destinations off my list this year? Well, I am! The cruise that was to kick-start it all won’t take place in the allotted time, so I am working on an alternate plan. My library has fabulous resources for my newly selected destination. I’ve gotten […]


Happy March! It looks like Spring may actually show up one of these days. After my big cleaning frenzy in February I spent a few days cocooning. I gave in to my fatigue and snoozed the days away. All my readings have various exercises to get in touch with your inner self and that’s an […]


Happy Valentine’s Day. May you shower the people you love with love today. It’s been a few years since I had a Valentine. But that doesn’t mean love is invisible. Filled with expectations, hope, and tokens of affection, this day represents great joy for some, a lot of pressure for others, or a reminder of […]


I am processing the chapters of my library books in thought and deed. Last week I had a great conversation with my accountant that is helping me with the business planning. But in order to move forward, we must let go of the old, and “create space” in our lives as Kathy Freston puts it. […]


“You need to have dreams. Dreams are actually the avenue through which we achieve success and true prosperity. To be without a dream is to be without a plan. You are at a loss for what to do. Give yourself permission to dream and to succeed.” ~ Ellen Peterson, Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance By many accounts […]