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Maike van Wijk creates wall collages incorporating her love of nature, found objects, photography, words, rubber stamps and encaustics. She also creates steel wire jewelry incorporating waxed paper, vintage ephemera and decorative wire. Her art is an expression of the joy and gratitude she finds in everyday living, with an aim to share that tranquility with others.

Creating greeting cards for friends and family since 2003, Maike began expanding to larger collages in late 2009 with the discovery of encaustics. Exploring the organic process of reheating pigmented wax and fusing collage materials such as photographs, word imagery and natural objects into it gives her a sense of freedom and delight.

Maike launched Maike’s Marvels in 2011 to focus on the artistic and creative life full time. Exploring the local art world has been a joy and revelation of creativity, support and inspiration. Maike’s work has been in the Evanston Art Center’s Biennial Member Show, Lincoln Park’s inaugural Artrageous event, and small group exhibits including some curated by FUSEDChicago.

After a wax and wire workshop Maike’s collage work shrunk into necklace pendants, wire collars, bangle bracelets and earrings which supplement the collages she continues to create.

With roots in The Netherlands and Germany, Maike is trilingual and enjoys incorporating cultural memories and linguistic quirks into her work. She currently resides in Evanston, IL.

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  1. Hi Maike,
    You may have seen that we at Streets Alive! loved your photos of the event so much that we posted them on our site. We gave credit to your website and hope that it’s okay with you. Thank you!

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